a brief guide on 5g cell phone signal booster australia

A Brief Guide on 5G Cell Phone Signal Booster Australia

Millions of people in Australia have already gotten a chance to test out 5G cell phone networks. Their benefits are faster download speeds, lower latency, and improved capacity. At the same time, while 5G coverage is still pretty poor, people struggle from an unstable and weak connection. Over time, your cell phone carrier will surely improve coverage but do you want to wait months if not years? If you are impatient, you can improve the level and quality of reception with a 5G cell phone signal booster Australia. This short and sweet guide will tell you everything you need to know about these devices.

Why My 5G Reception is Poor?

Australian cell phone carries just started deploying their 5G networks. Obviously, the coverage is going to leave much to be desired for a while even in major cities. If you live too far from a 5G tower, you are likely to have only a bar or two on your device.

A distance from a cell site is not the only reason for poor connectivity. 5G signals take advantage of shorter wavelengths – they can carry more data but struggle to travel far. The other weakness of those waves is the ability to pass through obstacles.

Surrounding buildings, landscapes (especially mountains, hills, or lowlands), and dense greenery can impede signals. Moreover, materials your building is made of may also affect signal propagation. Concrete, metal, and low-E glass disrupt reception. If you noticed that you have more bars on your phone outside, then your building blocks the signal.

Regardless of the reason, you can tremendously improve reception with a 5G cell phone signal booster Australia.

How Does a 5G Cell Phone Signal Booster Australia Work?

A mobile signal booster is basically a box with two connected antennas. One of these antennas is installed outdoors to capture a signal (because the reception is usually better outside). Then, it passes a signal to an amplifier, the heart of this device.

Its function is to make a signal several times stronger (gain depends on a particular model but the most powerful boosters are able to amplify a signal up to 32 times). Finally, an amplifier sends a signal to the internal antenna, which will distribute it inside a building.

Amplifiers boost not only reception but also transmission that goes from your phone back to a cell tower.

Signal Booster Specs

If you intend to purchase a 5G cellular booster, you need to consider its gain, downlink output power, coverage, and signal frequency.

Gain (measured in dB) shows how much a signal is boosted. More gain means that an amplifier can create a stronger signal. When looking at specifications, you can notice gains values of +3, +6, +10, and so on. Here is what they mean:

+3 dB – a signal will be booster 2 times;

+6 dB – 4 times increase in power;

+ 10 dB – your signal can be 10 times stronger;

+ 20 dB – a hundredfold improvement.

Downlink output power (shown in dBm) indicates maximum signal strength a booster can retransmit.

Every 5G cell phone signal booster Australia broadcasts an amplified signal within a limited range:

  • 300 m2 coverage is good enough for small buildings, cabins, and vehicles;
  • 500 m2 indoor coverage means that you can install a booster inside a medium-size building;
  • 1000 m2 coverage is ideal for offices, restaurants, large residential buildings, etc.
  • 5000 m2 coverage is designed for large commercial and public places.

Coverage is significantly impacted by the strength of reception – the weaker the original signal is, the harder it is for a booster to pick it up and amplify. With a really weak signal, nominal coverage of 300 m2 may be reduced to 100 m2, especially if there are obstructions within your building.

Frequencies 5G Signal Boosters Support

Finally, the most important thing when picking a 5G cell phone amplifier is the frequency it operates. If the frequencies your device is able to capture are different than those of your cell phone network, you won’t get any result. It will seem that a booster and cell tower speak different languages.

There are models designed for specific operators (Telstra, Vodafone, or Optus) and they work with limited frequencies. If your household is connected to the same telecom company, it makes sense to choose a carrier-specific booster. On the other hand, if you need a cell phone repeater for an office or commercial property, you can pick a model compatible with a wide array of 5G frequencies.

FAQ about 5G Cellular Signal Boosters

Will a booster work in the area with no signal?

No, boosters are unable to generate 5G signals on their own. They only amplify the existing signal. That’s why if you live in a place with no 5G coverage altogether, a 5G booster is going to be of no use. These devices are unable to convert 3G or 4G into 5G either.

Can I amplify a 5G signal with a 4G booster?

It really depends on frequencies a cell phone repeater supports. If your telco company deploys its 5G network based on the Sub-6 GHz spectrum (it is used for 4G, too) and your device is compatible with it, then yes, you can amplify this kind of signal. However, if there are other bands (Telstr is going to use 26GHz, for example) then your booster is going to be useless.

Are Cell Phone Boosters Legal in Australia?

Devices that are attached directly to your cell phone to amplify its signal are banned in Australia indeed. If you use one, you can get a fine of up to $360 000. However, the usage of ‘repeaters’ (devices with two antennas and an amplifier) is legal if you receive a permit from your carrier.

The confusion is caused by the terminology being in a muddle. While Australian Telecommunications (Prohibition of Mobile Phone Boosters) Declaration distinguishes cell phone boosters (banned) and repeaters (permitted), retailers utilize the term boosters, repeaters, and amplifiers to refer to the same thing (the one that is legal in Australia).


A 5G cell phone signal booster Australia is a surefire way to improve reception today. If you still have any questions or are not sure which item will meet your needs, don’t hesitate to use our product wizard or contact us via phone at +61 8 7200 0557 or email at info@cellboosteraustralia.com.

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