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Cell Booster Australia has been improving cell signals in the Australian market for more than 10 years. We have helped thousands of customers increase their cell phone signal. Initially, our company started selling cell boosters mainly for small houses and properties. Now have now expanded the operation to custom bespoke solutions for hotels, airports and shopping centres.

 We have experts that will help you get the signal increase that you require for any property big or small. We can guarantee a cell phone increase of 32x as long as you have the cell phones networks signal around your property to draw form with the external antenna. We can increase voice and 3G/4G data and soon we will have 5G boosters.

We sell the complete solution for our customers. We are seeking to maximise customers experience and to deliver the best product with the lowest prices in the market. In fact, our professional team is ready to provide 24/7 support via chat, E-mail or phone. All our mobile signal boosters have 30 days money back guarantee plus one year warranty for manufacturing defects. Additionally, free international shipping to get your booster within 3 to 5 working days right at your door.

How to find out what mobile booster you need?

Choosing the best Mobile repeater for your needs has got simpler on our website. But don’t worry, we have designed a specialized tool to help you reduce this process in only 2 clicks. Scroll down our home page to find the tool. Then, provide simple information as the size of the property where you want to install the booster and networks you are needing to boost. Once those 2 steps are done the tool will direct you to the booster you need. You can also find out if you need extra accessories.

How does a mobile signal booster work?

A mobile signal booster works by taking the existing signal from cell towers via an antenna, which is amplified by the powered booster. Then, the internal antenna pushes out a full strength mobile signal. It’s important for you to have signal outside of the building you want to install the booster. You can measure your outside signal with a field test mode on your mobile handset. Check the settings or manual for this function or simply check using the bars on the phone as an indicator. It’s also very important to realize that the device does not create a new signal. They only enhance the signal that is already there from the cell towers.

Our mobile phone repeaters can be used anywhere

Our mobile signal boosters operate all over New Zealand. They can be used in all properties as long as you have an existing signal to draw from. Making sure you follow the easy follow instructions to get the best mobile gain throughout your property. For instance, if you live in an area where the mobile reception is extremely poor. By installing our devices will immediately increase your signal into a more reliable signal. Finally, allowing you to enjoy a strong signal. All mobile phone signal boosters are CE Certified and have all RTTE Certificates.

Feel free to ask us anything you want. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Call us now!

Cell Phone Signal Boosters Australia

Cell Phone Boosters Australia has been on the market for more than 10 years. We help people to experience the best phone communications with our mobile boosters to stop dropped calls and improve cell data speeds.