Why Aussies need Vodafone Signal Booster

With over 6 million subscribers Vodafone is the third largest cellular service provider company in Australia. It provides 3G, 4G, 5G, and Voice data services in Australia to its customers. However, Vodafone is no exception to the poor and patchy signal network when it comes to subscribers in rural areas and suburbs. The best solution to the problems of Vodafone Signal is to use Vodafone Signal Booster.

People in various parts of Australia complain about dropped calls, very poor connectivity, non-existent signals most of the time. Having proper signal reception is important for making and receiving calls on a mobile phone. Similarly, it is important to have consistent 3G and 4G signal connectivity to surf the web and use mobile applications.

But, the reality is that Vodafone fails to provide such consistent connectivity in Australia in many places. But, now you can enjoy uninterrupted mobile communication with our Vodafone Signal Booster.

Benefits of Vodafone Signal Boosters

Our Vodafone Signal Boosters are designed to work with all the frequencies used by Vodafone in Australia to provide its Voice, 3G, and 4G services. That means by using our Vodafone Signal Booster you will forget about your mobile signal problems. Enjoy high-quality signals for making Voice calls and enjoying your 3G and 4G data without fail.

Vodafone offers its different services on different frequencies in different areas. For instance, Vodafone uses 900 MHz frequency for Voice and 3G signals and 1800 MHz for 4G signals. We offer all types of Vodafone Signal Boosters which cover all these frequencies and enhance the signals. Our Dual-Band Signal Boosters work on 900 and 1800 MHz frequency that ensures you get clear and strong signal reception for your Vodafone mobile regardless of your location.

Vodafone 3G is broadcasted on a 2100 MHz frequency band and mostly in urban areas where demand for 3G data is high. Similarly, 4G is broadcasted on 1800 MHz frequency. So, if you want to enhance your Vodafone 3G signals you can choose from our 2100 MHz signal boosters. Similarly, if you want to enhance your 4G signals then you can choose from our 1800 MHz signal boosters. If you want to enhance all Voice, 3G, and 4G data of your Vodafone signals then choose from our Vodafone Triband Signal Boosters.

Easy & Quick Installation

Our Vodafone Signal Boosters are super simple to install and use them. It takes less than 15 minutes to install the Vodafone Signal Boosters. Our Vodafone Signal Boosters can cover areas from 300 square meters to 5000 square meters. We have the widest range of Vodafone Signal Amplifiers to be used in homes, hostels, restaurants, shopping malls, factories, industrial units, farms, airports, and almost everywhere.

If you have any problems with the installation of your Vodafone booster then contact us right away and our support system, that is available 24/7 will help you instantly. We provide a 30-day return policy so that you can try our products without any inhibition. Get one of our Vodafone signal boosters for your mobile network and stop losing connection during important calls!

Why Vodafone Signal Boosters are Required in Australia

In Australia, Vodafone Signal Booster is the most demanded device after the cell phones itself. That’s because despite being the largest cellular service provider Vodafone’s signals are not available in strength to serve their customers.

Some regions still experience weak or no signal. For some people, it is the most frustrating thing to lose signals while making or receiving calls. Also, similar is the situation when you want to catch up on your favorite show on your mobile phone.

You experience poor signal which makes it impossible to stream that show so that you can enjoy it. We at Cell Boosters Australia have always strived to get people the best solutions to help them get rid of their mobile signal issues.

How do Vodafone Signal Boosters work?

Vodafone signal boosters are built to work on the exact same frequencies used by the Vodafone cellular network in Australia. The booster antenna picks up the existing poor signal from the nearest cellular tower and boosts it up to strengthen the signal to make it full five bars. With full-strength signal, Vodafone users can enjoy high-speed internet data and clear Voice Signals to make and receive uninterrupted calls.

Vodafone signal boosters have three main components – an external antenna (receiver), amplifier, internal antenna (broadcaster). The external antenna receives the outside weak signals and sends it to the amplifier. Then the amplifier boosts that weak signal and sends it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the boosted signal inside the house. Inhabitants of the house then enjoy boosted and full-strength Vodafone Signal.

How to Choose and Buy Right Vodafone Signal Booster?

There are hundreds of varieties of signal boosters available in the market and online stores. But, all of them are not of good quality and most of them don’t comply with the guidelines of the Australian Telecom Authority. So, it is very important to buy a Vodafone Signal Booster which is of the best quality and complies with the guidelines of the Australian Telecom Authority.

The bad quality signal boosters might not be able to give you the results you expect. Also, they might attract the attention of the authorities and they might impose penalties on using an unauthorized mobile signal booster.

The signal boosters are built to cover a specific area and for a specific use. For instance, our Vodafone Signal Boosters can cover areas from 300 square meters to 5000 square meters. Some boosters support multiple networks some do only support one specific cellular network.

Some boosters only support the voice data, some do support 3G signal enhancement, and some do support all Voice, 3G, and 4G signals. So, you need to choose boosters according to your use and area you want to cover. Also, keep in mind what type of signals you want to enhance – Voice, 3G, or 4G or all of them.

In this case, if you want to buy a Vodafone Signal Booster which supports all Voice, 3G, and 4G signal enhancement then you should choose Vodafone Triband Signal Booster.

Do not struggle with your mobile network’s poor signal. Buy a Vodafone Signal Booster and forget about your mobile signal problems forever.