Everyone is waiting for the 5G to launch in the entire country so that we can start using it. It offers 10X download and upload speed than the 4G LTE. Modern devices and the need for faster data speed is what 5G is going to address. But, everything comes at its own price. 5G technology is shortwave technology and requires a more dense mobile tower set up to cater to the users. The radiofrequency of the 5G travels a shorter distance and often finds it difficult to penetrate through the brick walls, metal walls, glass walls, etc. So in order to enjoy your 5G to maximum you need to buy 5G signal boosters. The 5G signal boosters help take the outside weak 5G signals and convert them to a strong 5 bar signal and send them to your mobile phone and other devices connected to the network.

But, still, the 5G is in its initial stage and very places have it. It would take a few years to roll it to the entire country and make it available to everyone. Our engineers are also working on developing the 5G signal amplifiers based on the data we are gathering from places having the presence of 5G services.

We are going to make the 5G signal Boosters available very soon. Stay connected. As soon as we start selling 5G signal amplifiers we will notify you through email. Also, we announce it on our social media and website. Meanwhile, you can buy our 4G signal boosters that improve your 4G signals 32X.

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