the purpose of mobile phone antenna

The Purpose of Mobile Phone Antenna

You won’t disagree with me that most of us heavily rely on our mobile phones for various day to day work. We even use our mobile phones in the most unusual places. You may have noticed that when you are in remote areas you get a pretty bad signal that makes it difficult even impossible sometimes to make your calls. Well, that’s a problem for sure. But what is the solution to this? Well, the solution is to use a mobile phone antenna.

What are the Causes of the Poor Mobile Signal Reception?

Before we start discussing the mobile phone antenna you might be wondering why you get the poor signal in the first place. Well, to answer that you should know that there are several reasons for that.

  • Distance from the Cellular Tower: Major cause of poor signal reception is the distance from the cell tower. If you are too far from the cellular tower you might get poor reception. Moving closer to the tower can improve your reception.
  • Construction Material: If you are inside a building and facing mobile signal reception issues whereas you get a full signal outside the building then the building material is to be blamed. Thick concrete walls, metals, insulation, etc., cause the obstruction of the mobile signals.
  • Foliage: The trees, hills, etc., lying between you and the cellular tower can block the cellular signals.
  • Faulty Phone: Sometimes your phone is to be blamed. Old phones or damaged ones may cause the problem of you receiving the signals. Try to update your phone’s software and check your phone for any damages.

What are the Solutions to Mobile Signal Reception Problems?

The one and the only reliable solution is to use a mobile phone antenna. A mobile phone antenna can take an existing weak signal, boost it, and provide you with a decent cell signal, regardless of how poor signal you have. Mobile phone antenna also is known as mobile signal booster features a system that strengthens the signal, no matter how weak it is.

These mobile phone antennas are specially designed to handle weak signals and boost them up for your use. These mobile signal antennas are relatively small and placed outside the house or the building where the problem of the weak mobile signal exists. The outside antenna is connected to a signal amplifier which is also connected to another antenna inside the building that broadcasts the improved signal.

These mobile signal antennas have an automatic gain control, which is a feature that allows them to constantly keep your signal stable by boosting it. It is important to note that for a mobile signal antenna to work it needs at least some about of signal.

It doesn’t produce any signal in itself. The antenna and amplifier together just boost the signals already present in the vicinity. That being said, it’s important to understand that the strength of the outside signal will play a huge role in how much coverage you’ll be receiving from the mobile signal antenna.

If the outside signal is not present the antenna won’t work. The more powerful the mobile signal antenna is more power it gives to you signal boosting. So, if the signal is consistently weak, you might want to consider getting a more powerful aerial (Yagi Antenna).

Types of Mobile Signal Antenna

The mobile signal antenna comes in various shapes, sizes, capable of boosting specific types of signals and cover specific areas. For instance, you may buy an antenna that only boosts 2G signals to improve your voice call quality. Or you may choose to buy a 3G signal antenna that boosts only 3G signals.

There are antennas that boost 4G signals and also there are antennas that boost all types of signals. If you have many family members using different cellular services you may consider buying a Universal signal booster that boosts all types of signals for all carriers.

Frequencies the Mobile Signal Antennas work on

Signal boosters are built to work on specific frequency bands. For instance, there are antennas that work on 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz. These are single band antennas. Now the dual-band boosters work on two different frequencies like 850 & 1800 Mhz, 900 & 1800 MHz, 900 & 2100 MHz, etc. The tri-band antennas work on three different frequencies.

Similarly, universal antennas work on all frequencies. Most people choose universal antennas as they boost all types of signals and for all the carriers. So pretty much they cover all the family members on different cellular networks. Also helps the guests and friends visiting your place.

How Much Area a Mobile Signal Antenna Can Cover?

The antennas have different types of capacities to cover the area. For instance, if you have a house in 300 SQM you can choose an antenna that covers a 300 SQM area, or you can choose a 500 SQM antenna if you want to cover a 500 SQM area. Similarly, you can also choose antennas to cover 1000 SQM or 500 SQM area.

How to Install a Mobile Signal Antenna?

This is the most asked question. But the answer to it is very simple. The antenna can be installed in less than 15 minutes. There are three parts of this – an outdoor antenna that goes up on the roof or outside the building, an amplifier that is mounted inside the building, and an indoor antenna that is also mounted inside the building where the signal is required. And a power adapter that supplies electricity to the amplifier.

All these three components are connected with a cable. Everything you need to install it is comes packed in the box including the screws to mount them. You can refer to the installation guide if you have any problems. Or you can also contact our customer support for any sort of help.

What to Consider While Buying a Signal Antenna?

The last thing to consider is whether you want the aerial to provide 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE signals. The truth is, 4G LTE is the latest generation of cellular technology and it provides quicker data rates as well as voice calls. Every mobile device in the last few years supports 4G LTE and prioritizes it over 3G and 2G for data and calls. That being said, an aerial that amplifies 4G LTE is the recommended solution as it is future-proof and extremely capable.

If you have a specific requirement that you can’t find on our website or not sure which antenna to buy do get in touch with our team for complete support and help.

Bid adieu to the poor signal issues with our mobile signal antennas today!

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