why should you use a mobile signal repeater

Why Should You Use a Mobile Signal Repeater

Reasons to Purchase a Mobile Signal Repeater

There are several reasons why you might want to use a mobile signal repeater. In this post, we are going to cover the main ones.

Boost Your Signal at Home

Most people invest in a mobile signal repeater because their network coverage is not very strong at home. If you live in a city, then your mobile signal is probably reasonable. But if you live in a rural area, you may have very few bars on your mobile phone indoors.

A mobile booster for Telstr, Vodafone, or Optus will take your existing mobile signal, remove network interference, and enhances it, so one bar signal is boosted to four or five bars. You can then make uninterrupted calls, stream online content, and send messages without moving for the best place in your home or office to find decent mobile coverage.

Boost Your Signal at Work

You surely take your phone to work and if you have bad reception at the workplace then you certainly want to do something about that. Also, if you run your own business, you probably rely on your mobile to receive emails, messages, and client calls.

Obviously, it isn’t easy running a business if your mobile phone doesn’t work most of the time. As a result, you could lose out on valuable business because clients and prospects can’t reach you. But, you are not out luck on this, a mobile signal booster will make all the difference. Instead of catching up on missed calls when you leave the office or standing outside in the rain just to make a phone call, a mobile phone booster will ensure a strong mobile signal.

Does A Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Work?

It is really bad to see no reception on your mobile when you want to make a call or use your phone for sending an email or a quick message. Unfortunately, in some parts of Australia, poor network coverage is a stark reality. None of the cellular service providers viz., Telstr, Optus, or Vodafone can claim to have a strong signal throughout the country. This is where a mobile signal repeater can come into the picture. But, you may have a question Do mobile signal repeater kits actually work? Let’s find out.

Network Coverage or No Coverage

Network Coverage in Urban Areas

In urban areas, network coverage tends to be good than in rural areas. There are mobile masts everywhere in urban areas, especially cities with bigger populations. If you look up you will find numerous mobile network towers all around on the buildings. Even if you drive along the roads you will find a lot of mobile signal towers.

All three major cellular service providers have spent millions to build up the infrastructure to ensure every mobile user has comprehensive coverage across the length and breadth of the country. They claim to cover 99% of the entire population, but as you know, this is optimistic, but not close to the ground reality.

The mobile network issues usually arise in rural areas where network coverage is poor as compared to the urban areas. Once you leave the city area, mobile signal towers are fewer. There are large mobile signal towers in the cities and have the capacity to handle more traffic as compared to rural areas. So, if you are traveling or living in a rural setting you may find the mobile signal spotty.

Network Coverage in Urban Areas

But, this is not the problem just in the rural areas, you may also have a problem indoors even in the cities. Many homes have thick walls, which hinder signal strength. The mobile network signal also is obstructed with metal and other impenetrable materials. This is why you may struggle to achieve more than one bar indoors, whereas outdoors the signal is four or five bars.

Some people also find that network coverage is better upstairs than downstairs. That’s because of the more space the signals get to move around in spaces that are less congested. Thankfully, a mobile signal repeater can make life much easier. Instead of struggling to find a place with decent reception to make a phone call or send a text message, you can chill on the sofa and make your call.

Does A Mobile Signal Repeater Work?

mobile signal repeater can’t provide a signal where there is none. A Mobile signal repeater amplifies existing signals, so you need at least one bar for a mobile signal repeater to work. The mobile signal repeater comes up with an external antenna and internal now.

An outdoor antenna picks up the network signal and transmits it to a mobile signal repeater, which removes interference and sends it on to an indoor antenna. This antenna acts as your own personal network mast. It broadcasts the enhanced signal inside your home so that you get the strongest signal in every corner of your house.

These repeaters super easy to install and you can install them in less than 20 minutes yourself. They are simple screw fix solutions and everything comes packed inside the box.

Test Your Mobile Signal

To test whether a 3G or 4G mobile signal repeater will work in your home, test your signal strength in all areas. If you can see at least one bar outside your home, then a 3G or 4G mobile signal repeater is worth buying. But if you can’t pick up any signal, a mobile booster isn’t going to solve your problems. All you can do in this instance is to try switching to a different network.

Get Your Repeater Today!


Mobile signal repeaters are very useful for anyone who struggles to make calls and send text messages at home. It helps you to stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and clients all the time.

Get in touch with our team if you need more information on any of our products.

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