should you really change your cellular service provider

Should You Really Change Your Cellular Service Provider

Facing an unstable network can be very annoying, especially when it starts hindering your work. Network issues can occur due to a myriad of reasons. There are 10% chances that your cellular service provider is the problem here. What about the rest 90%? Let’s identify what the root cause behind your network problems is?

Why do I have network issues?

The first thing is to identify if it’s a network issue that’s causing you trouble. Check the hacks below that will help you out:

  1. Reboot all your devices: Sometimes, simple solutions might work the best. Restarting your device would fix tons of issues. Restart your PC, modem, and router too. Wait for 60 seconds before you turn them back on for clearing the caches. This will help you identify if it’s a temporary network problem or not.
  2. Run the Windows Network Troubleshooter: Windows has this in-built troubleshooter to identify and fix any issue. Right-click the Network icon in your menu and select, Troubleshoot problems. Once the software runs, it will find the errors and fix them or finds the errors but cannot fix them.
  3. Check physical Connections: If you still have a network problem, check that you’re physically connected. For example, if an Ethernet cable connection is to the router, check if it’s damaged or plugged correctly. For a wireless switch connection to the laptop, ensure that it’s not switched off.
  4. Get in touch with your ISP: Now that you know your equipment is completely working and you have a valid IP address, you need to check whether your ISP is having any trouble. Use our mobile phone to check out the outage map for your carrier or look up on Twitter to see if anyone else in your area faces a similar problem.

Why is Cellular Networks not the problem?

Irrespective of which network provider you’re using, network issues happen due to many reasons. It can be excess traffic on the nearest cell tower or a hardware issue in your device. Physical obstructions include the material used to build your house or office building. Passing radio waves through concrete or metal is a challenging task.

The smart choice is getting a mobile signal booster installed at your home, office, studio, or farmhouse. A cell signal booster is a device that help major network providers in Australia to boost the current signal strength.

The external antenna receives and sends the weak network signals to the Amplifier, which strengthens them. The increased signals are released by the internal antenna in your network range. This provides you with a stable, more robust, and faster network connection 24×7.

Benefits of a Mobile Signal Booster

  • Faster Internet speed
  • Improved call clarity
  • Quick uploads and downloads
  • Make client calls without any lag
  • Play video games at extreme graphics
  • Stream videos/audios in high resolution
  • No more call dropping
  • The stable connection 24×7
  • Six users can connect to one device

I need a reliable platform to get my signal booster.

We heard you! Cell Booster Australia is your reliable one-stop platform for getting premium-quality mobile booster devices. Get one for your network carrier depending on the range you use – 3G, 4G, or 5G. You can customize your order by adding booster upgrades like Yagi Antenna. Booster upgrades work more efficiently than a standard cell repeater kit.

Let’s ensure that you get the best services even without changing your cellular service provider. We provide you with free delivery across all locations in the country. If the product performance doesn’t meet your requirements, you can get all your money back within 30 days of your purchase. This means you get a high-quality solution for your network issue without any risk. Why are you still here? Head to our website and grab the latest offers. Make your purchase now!


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