how to choose the best telstra signal booster

How to Choose the Best Telstr Signal Booster

Solving network issues can be complex when you use temporary solutions. Restarting your device or resetting your network settings might give your network an initial boost, improving your network connection. After a while, the same network problem persists. If you’re using Telstr, you are using the network of one of the biggest telecom firms in Australia. But if you are facing signal issues then you should choose the best Telstr signal booster to help you enhance your Telstr mobile signal strength.

Telstr is serving over 18.3 million retail mobile customers, 3.7 million fixed-line bundle and standalone data subscribers, and about 1.4 million standalone voice subscribers. But, the best network might fail at delivering an impeccable network experience. Network issues mainly occur due to physical or geographical obstructions. A Telstr mobile signal booster would be a perfect fit to solve this.

 What is a Telstr Mobile Signal Booster?

If you have no clue about a Signal booster device, we have the answers for you. Think of a device that can increase your network signal strength and provide you a five-bar signal anytime, anywhere. There’s no catch here – No monthly fee or maintenance fee. This means you get this device for a one-time price, and you get a permanent solution for all your network problems.

This device is designed to boost network signals. It works for almost every major network provider in the country. Since you’re using Telstr, you can get a 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G cell repeater for Telstr.

 How to find the best Telstr Cell Booster?

The first thing for getting a high-quality mobile booster device is to purchase it from a verified and reliable source. Cell Booster Australia is one such platform that guarantees qualitative products at an affordable price. If you look at our website, we have a vast range of cell boosters available for various network carriers. You can opt for booster upgrades along with your order for getting an enhanced network than what the standard cell booster would provide.

Downlink/Uplink Power

Coming to technical aspects – You need to choose a device with the highest Downlink and Uplink power for the Amplifier. This is crucial since you don’t want to end up making a call where both the parties keep asking, ‘Can you hear me?’ While selecting a mobile repeater device, pay closer attention to the downlink/uplink power.

dB Gain

The next aspect to consider is the highest gain Decibel offered by the mobile booster. Let’s take a rough figure – (-50) dB is an ideal number – the close you get, the higher signal bars you get. The closer you get to (-120) dB shows that your signal strength is declining. While making your purchase, ensure to check the dB Gain figure to choose a powerful Amplifier for the signal booster device.

Coverage Area

The next step is to identify the location where you need to install the device. If it’s a smaller area like your office, compact home, or studio – you can go for a cell booster covering an area around 300 sqm. For more significant buildings, go for a device that covers more area like 1000 sqm.

Outside Signal Strength

It is recommended to know the outside signal strength of your house or office where you will install the device. You can use a signal meter device for that. Understanding the outside signal strength will help you to make an informed decision for your Telstr cell booster.

If you have at least one bar signal outside then only buy these boosters as they can enhance that signal to make a complete 5 Bar signal strength. These signal boosters don’t make their own signal, rather they catch the weak outside signal and boost it to make full strength.

Get Your Best Telstr Mobile Signal Booster Now!

We hope you have an idea for finding the best Telstr Mobile Signal Booster for your home or office. Cell Booster Australia has an extensive range of premium and Best Telstr Signal Boosters. Check our website for more information. We have some fantastic deals just for you. Grab them now!

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