20 proven ways to improve mobile signal strength

20 Proven Ways to Improve Mobile Signal Strength

I don’t need to tell you how important are our mobile phones in our daily life. All of us use mobile phones for various activities. But the mobile phone has a limitation that it cannot work without a proper mobile phone signal. Hence for a mobile phone to work it is important to connect with the nearest mobile phone signal tower. Once it is connected and the strength of the signal is strong you can make and receive calls and use mobile Internet for various purposes. But it is also true that in many places mobile signal strength is not enough for making uninterrupted calls. Now that is the problem and, in this post, where are going to discuss the ways which help you improve mobile signal strength.

Update Your Phone’s Software

With every software update in your mobile, your handset manufacturer tries to improve the performance of your cell phone and fix the issues intuits the previous version of the software. So, you should not ignore those software update messages from your handset manufacturer. Sometimes keeping your phone software updated helps you improve the performance of your mobile phone and all also improve mobile signal strength.

Turn Off any Services Not in Use

The smartphones we use today are more than just communication devices. NFC (Near-Field Communication), WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS are some of the things that run in the background that can cause the problems you face with the quality of your cell reception. Disabling them when you are not using them not only will make your battery last longer but also help improve your cell phone signal reception. These applications use most of your bandwidth which causes you to experience slow data speeds or weaken the signal reception.

Change Your Call & Data Settings

Most mobile users want to access high-speed 4G signals, hence sometimes it overloads the signal towers and causes problems for some users who want to access the signals at that moment. If you switch back to the 3G network you get to access a little slower but better signal. If you are not able to access the 4G LTE signal try switching to the 3G network.

Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

More than a dozen applications and dozens of applications and processes running behind the scene on your phone sometimes make it to dysfunction. The aim is to trick your phone to connect to a cellular network that it is not showing and your phone is unable to connect to and you know is available. Turn on the airplane mode and then switch it off in a few seconds so that the phone finds the network and reconnects to it.

Reset Your Network Settings

Sometimes it is the fault of your phone’s network setting that causes poor signal reception. All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings and reselect the network operator manually instead of them connecting automatically.

When you select your network manually you are more likely to stay connected to that network it helps you establish a proper connection with your network. When you start to select your network manually your phone scans all available networks and you can choose the one you want to stay connected with having the strongest signal strength.

Move to a Higher Place

Sometimes when you are in a basement or in an underpass you might face signal reception issues. In that case, you can try to move to a higher place where you can get reception. Even if you are on the ground floor and facing signal issues then you should go to the floor above that so that you can get mobile signal reception. If you are still not able to get a signal then try the method explained in the next step.

Move Away from a Crowded Place

If you are in a very crowded place you may experience it hard to connect to the cell tower because a lot of people are trying to connect to the same cellular signal tower. Every tower has a limited capacity and can only handle a number of cell phones connection. When you are in a stadium or a fair you may see that you find it difficult to connect to a cell tower to complete your calls. In such a situation if you move away from the crowd you will be able to connect to a different tower and get signal reception.

Move Closer to A Window

Blocks, siding bricks, sheet metals, insulations, etc., can obstruct the mobile signal and make it quite weaker to reach across the room. So, you may find it difficult to get signal reception while you are in the middle of the room or some other place like on the couch where signal reception is not strong or even nonexistent, in that case, you should try to move closer to the window. Window glasses are thinner than the brick walls, hence mobile signals can penetrate better through them and you may get a strong enough signal to make or receive your calls there.

Go Outside the Building

When you are facing signal reception issues inside the building and the reception is better outside the building then you should try to move out of the building to get proper signal reception. Again, it is the building material that is obstructing the signal to reach inside the building, and moving out of the building will help you get signal reception.

Get Closer to the Cell Signal Tower

The mobile signal tower has a limited capacity to broadcast signals to a particular range of areas. Signals get weaker when it travels a long distance. So, if you are far from the nearest cell signal tower you may experience poor connectivity. But, if you move closer to the cell signal tower your reception increases and becomes stronger. Check the website of your cellular service provider. Mostly they show a map of the signal towers they have installed in the entire area.

Reorganize Your Space

Some objects in your home or office may cause obstruction of mobile signals to reach your phone. Solid furniture, fridge, metal filing cabinets, microwave, and other heaving electronic items, can interfere with the mobile signals. Reorganizing these items to clear the way between you and the mobile signal tower can help improve the signal strength that reaches your phone.

Trim Down the Foliage Near Your Building

Water elements like fountain, aquarium, water tanks, etc., blocks cellular signals. Similarly, trees, bushes, creepers, etc., block cellular signals as they contain a lot of water in them. Trim down the dense trees and bushes and it should help you clear the way for reaching the cellular signal.

Upgrade the Construction Materials

Energy-efficient construction materials like metal sheets, insulators, iron bars, rods, aluminum, etc., can block your cellular signal. If you are going to renovate your building then consider using alternatives to these energy-efficient construction materials so that you can get a strong signal inside your building.

Open Your Window

If your windows are made from energy-efficient material or have a special coating on the glass and metal frame that can block the cellular signal then open your window to let the cellular signal reach inside the building.

Try Switching to a Different Cellular Carrier

Every cellular provider offers its services on different frequency bands. Also, the placement of cellular towers is different which causes you to experience a reception problem in a particular area. Find out in the neighborhood which cellular carrier has a better signal in that area and switch your carrier. Doing this will help improve mobile signal strength and solve your problem of a poor connection.

Check Your Phone for Damages

In smartphones, the antenna is built inside the body of the phone which might get damaged when the phone drops. And if your antenna is broken or damaged you may find it difficult to get signal reception. If that’s the problem you should get your phone checked for any internal damages and if there is damage then get it repaired.

Change Your Handset

Technology is evolving and so are smartphones. If you have a very old handset probably it won’t support the latest mobile signal frequencies or maybe not all of them. In that case, you may find it difficult to get a mobile signal reception. If that’s the case you should buy yourself a new mobile phone to get reception and enjoy your mobile communication.

Use Wi-Fi Calling

It is not a way to improve your mobile signal reception. But, if you are in such a place where the mobile signal is really very weak and you have the option to use Wi-Fi use it to make your calls, text, and other things. It is a reliable option if you are staying there for a short while. In the long term, you will have to look for a better alternative that we will discuss in the next points.

Get A Network Extender

Most mobile carriers offer network extenders. You can use a network extender or expander. It also is known as a microcell. They create a signal in your home that you use to route all calls and data over your broadband internet. You can get this device from your carrier. It may be the best option if you do not have any mobile reception outside. But it does have its drawbacks, such as call handoff problems. But, something is better than nothing at all.

Use a Mobile Phone Signal Booster

This is the best, cheapest, and most reliable way to get rid of all your mobile signal connectivity issues. This is a small electronic device that enhances the mobile signal, also called a mobile repeater. It works by catching up with your existing weak signal and boosting it up before it reaches your phone. This device comes with two antennas. An external antenna and an internal antenna.

The external antenna catches the external existing weak signal and sends it to the boosting unit. The boosting unit boosts that signal and sends it to the internal antenna for broadcasting into the building.

The best part is that you only have to buy it once and don’t have to pay a monthly fee. It is simple to install and you can install it yourself in just 15 minutes and start using it. You can know more about these devices by reading our mobile phone signal booster guide. You can take the help of your product finder tool to get the best solution for yourself.


I am sure you have tried possibly everything to get rid of your mobile signal problems. But, you know yourself that everything goes in vain and you don’t get a significant change in the signal quality you receive. The most reliable, tested, and durable option to get rid of the mobile signal problem is to use a mobile signal booster.

All you have to do is choose the best that fits your need and covers the area you want to have good signal strength. If you have any questions you can always get in touch with our team for any help.

Having the best signal boosters up for grab do you still want to struggle with the mobile signal reception issues? I am sure you won’t. Go get yourself a mobile signal booster today and improve mobile signal strength for you and your family members.

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