are you work from home ready in australia

Are You Work from Home Ready in Australia

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone globally to work from home. Big enterprises have permitted their employees to work from home until the situation improves. In Australia, companies like Vodafone and Cisco have closed down their offices, and their employees are working from home.

Several companies are trying out tools like video conferencing or communication methods, to see if they are equipped with the right technology for pulling off work from home.

Working from home has its pros and cons. There are new challenges like regular internet connectivity, fast-internet, an excellent mobile phone, working laptop/computer, proper network, and such. But working from home adds up to alternative possibilities. It provides you with more flexibility. You don’t have to work with someone continually correcting you, allowing more space for your creativity. The question is, are you ready to work from home? 

The Necessary Set-up for Work from Home

  • Create a small office with your computer/laptop where there are no distractions, and you can focus better on your work. 
  • Have proper internet connectivity and a suitable data plan to make regular phone calls.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair. This sounds very simple, but it’s an important step. You can’t sit for long hours on an uncomfortable chair.
  • Use tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc., to its full potential. 
  • Keep the stationery items handy like a pencil, notebook, and pen. You don’t want to run around searching for a pen while in an ongoing meeting.

The Real Challenge

The real challenge lies with having a flawless network and a regular internet connection. To ensure you are ready to work from home, you need an internet connection, which is fast, efficient, and reliable. If you have regular network issues at your home, it can be a significant problem.

Let’s say you have been facing network issues for a while now, but ended up ignoring it. You went to the office, came home late, and never used the internet. Times have changed now, and you are working full time from home. So, you need a solution to solve the network issues at your home.

Luckily, Cell Boosters Australia has the perfect solution for all your network problems. We recommend investing in a quality mobile signal booster. It will solve the network issues you are facing like call dropping, voice breaking, or a slower internet connection.

There are tons of cell boosters available in the market. To save you from the hassle for searching the best, we have picked up the best ones and listed them on the site. All you need to do is select a mobile booster which fits the best and purchase it.

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Booster is a device created to enhance weak signals and provide users with a more robust network. It has a simple and effective mechanism. Three significant components ensure its proper working. The exterior antenna catches the weaker signals in forms of radio waves from your network area.

It sends the weak signals to the Amplifier, which boosts them. Finally, the interior antenna releases the boosted signals in the network. This is how a cell booster ensures you get proper internet connectivity all the time.

Cell Boosters Australia is ensuring that everyone is ready to work from home in the pandemic. We have a range of premium mobile signal boosters that are created with quality components. You can also get well-prepared to work from home by browsing through our quality boosters and selecting the most suitable one.

How will you find the perfect Cell Signal Booster?

There are several mobile signal boosters available in the market. Sometimes, these boosters are of cheap quality and not effective in the longer run. So, how do you identify whether a particular cell booster will work for you? The answer is simple. Make a list of all the specifications you require. This includes your network operator, frequency, and the network – 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G.

There are different mobile boosters, which work properly in specific environments. Certain boosters work well in an office/studio. For your home, some specific cell boosters will work well. If you want a booster for larger buildings, you may have to combine a few boosters to work for the entire building. For farms, hospitals, and shopping malls, you will need a signal booster that has been created to work with that kind of significant frequency and area coverage.

In some instances, the real problem is your network’s uplink/downlink power. Sometimes you make a call and cannot hear the other person, but they can listen to you, or vice versa. This happens when you have a weaker downlink signal, where you cannot hear the voice on the other end. With a poor uplink signal, your voice will not be audible to the other person. So, if you are facing a problem with your uplink/downlink signal, a quality mobile booster will help you solve the crisis.

Check Your Signal Strength

We recommend testing the signal strength of your building beforehand. You can use a spectrum analyzer or a signal meter to know your area’s signal capacity. If you don’t have the tools, you can call an expert technician to help you identify the signal strength in your area. This will help you make an informed decision while choosing a cell booster. 

Another important step is knowing the two types of exterior antennas and identifying the best fit. The two models are – Omnidirectional and Directional. If you live in urban areas where the network towers are mostly busy with heavy traffic,  go for an Omnidirectional antenna.

It lets you get the best signal from all the directions. In rural areas, there are typically one or two cell towers. You just need to point the Directional antenna in the cell tower’s direction, and it will work to boost the signals and improve the signal strength. Remember to check for these specifications, and you will make the best choice while buying a cell booster for your home. 

Benefits of a Cell Phone Signal Booster

A cell phone signal booster is the best investment you will make to ensure better communication and faster mobile internet speed. Here are a few of the many benefits of a Cell Phone Signal Booster.

Improved Network Coverage

A cell booster works miraculously to provide users with an enhanced network. You won’t face issues like call dropping, voice breaking, or weaker uplink/downlink signals. You want a reliable network that will work properly when you make an essential call or transfer a file. The boosters will offer you with an enhanced network connection. 

No Video Buffering

We all hate when videos just keep on buffering for hours. Watching stuttering videos is a painful process. With a quality signal booster, the network range will improve. Your videos will load instantly with no buffer.

Faster Internet

One of the best perks for having a signal booster installed is enjoying faster internet connectivity all the time. This sounds too good to be true, but it is. It boosts the signals and provides you with a high-speed internet connection. 

Seamless Browsing

A perfect mobile signal booster will provide a smooth browsing experience. So, the next time you insert a URL address and hit the enter button, the website will load in a few seconds. You will not have to wait for hours, just for a page to load.

High-resolution Visuals

So, who doesn’t love high-resolution audio/video? With a poor connection, it might be difficult to play games in extreme graphics or face time with friends without getting blurred images. A cell booster will fix all these problems. You can enjoy the benefits of a faster network and get high-resolution audio/video. 

Extended battery Life

When you are on a poor network, the mobile phone drains more of your battery life. Once you get a signal booster installed at your home, you will enjoy a faster network all the time. Your mobile will get a better network and give you extended battery life. 

Added Security

Several safety mechanisms for homes depend on a cellular reception to work correctly. If you have a weak network regularly, sending an alert to you/neighbors might be an arduous task. By installing a signal booster, you ensure that the home safety device receives proper cellular reception, keeping your house safe from malicious activities. 

A Cell Signal Booster for Every Network

Aussies depend on three network operators to fulfill their network requirements. The network leaders are Telstr, Optus, and Vodafone. For years now, Telstr has been active in both urban and rural areas. It operates as an established company in Australia because it got a prior permit to launch the GSM 2G network. Optus was the second operator, followed by Vodafone, to set up a 2G network.

Telstr Signal Boosters

Telstr was initially owned by the government but has now evolved to be a private network operator. It has a reputation for being one of the best service providers in Australia. The data plans are expensive but worth the services.

Optus Signal Boosters

Optus ranks second as the most preferred network in Australia. It provides data plans at a reasonable price, offering some alluring money-saving plans to its users.

Vodafone Signal Boosters

Vodafone offers users with a premium network only in cities. It serves over 22 million users with its unmatchable 4G services. At present, it is actively operating in the capital cities, but not in regional/rural areas. Telstr is the only active network operator in rural areas. The three network leaders have started with the 5G rollout, Vodafone being the last one. To cover all the urban areas with the 5G connection, a period of 10-12 years is expected. 

Virtual Mobile Networks

There are several Mobile Virtual Network operators owned and operated by the three networks. Every network operator uses its own unique set of frequencies, avoiding any kind of overlap.  Telstr, Optus, and Vodafone provide cheaper network plans by selling its network services to MVNOs like Apex Telecom (Optus), TransACT (Vodafone), TeleChoice (Telstr), Soul (Optus) and Aldi Mobile (Telstr). Let’s have a look at different frequencies for the network operators. 

Network Operator 2G 3G 4G 5G
Telstr N/A 850 MHz

2100 MHz

700 MHz

900 MHz

1800 MHz

2100 MHz

2600 MHz

3.5 GHz
Optus N/A 900 MHz

2100 MHz

1800 MHz

2100 MHz

2300 MHz

2600 MHz

Vodafone N/A 900 MHz

2100 MHz

850 MHz

1800 MHz

2100 MHz


Buy the Best Cell Signal Booster to Work from Home Now!

Cell Boosters Australia has a perfect mobile signal booster for every operator. Whether you are using a 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G network, we can help you find the best fit. People from different parts of Australia are using signal boosters and enjoying high-speed internet connection.

The device will work wonders for you, providing you with a reliable network. You can opt for specific boosters that work only for Telstr 4G, Optus 4G, Optus 3G, Vodafone 4G, and such. You can also choose Universal boosters that work for all cellular companies, and enhance all Voice, 3G, and 4G Signals. 

Before choosing a cell booster, remember to note down the specifications/requirements. It includes aspects like the area coverage you are looking for, frequency, network operator, and network connection (3G, 4G). You should identify where you want the booster to be installed.

It works for homes, hospitals, offices, malls, farms, hotels, and such. You can also go for a portable cell booster for your car and receive strong signals while traveling. Or you can choose a static signal booster that works for homes and offices. In simple terms, a signal booster will enhance the weaker signals and give you a robust network with five bars. This is a permanent solution for all your network issues. 

Get a premium quality cell booster that works with different network operators and frequencies. Solve all your network issues and get ready to work from home in Australia. Purchase your mobile signal booster now.

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