best 4g signal boosters for australia

Best 4G Signal Boosters for Australia

Facing phone receptions issues is the new normal. Anywhere you go, network issues follow. You may be facing connectivity problems at your home or office, even while traveling in your car. Now, imagine a permanent solution to all your network problems. The best 4G signal boosters help you resolve such issues at your home, farm, hotel, and more. You may know cell booster as a Range Extender or a 4G Antenna Booster.

Let’s understand how this device will work for you. Australia has a population of more than 24 million people. It’s a big country where receptivity issues are normal and widely prevalent, especially inside confined spaces like buildings, underground parking, community halls, or public spaces. The best solution for such areas in investing in a quality 4G signal booster for Australia.

What is 4G?

After the evolution of networks, we have come across the fourth generation of the network. The journey began with the introduction of the first generation of the network (1G), back in 1987. AT present, 4G is being used full-fledged. Users depend heavily on the 4G network for various purposes. It is better than 3G in every manner.

The term ‘4G’ is also known as ‘LTE’ in major parts of the country.  Your data provider will give quick broadband data speeds to your receiver or mobile broadband device. For an LTE phone, you can expect a download speed of 20 Mbps, which is 10 times faster than the 3G network. For instance, it will take you 15 minutes approx to download a movie of normal resolution or a song from iTunes will take 10-12 seconds at max. 

The 4G network provides better internet speed, faster data transfer, high upload, and download speeds, no video buffers, high-resolution audio and video, lower latency, and wider bandwidth. There are three major companies in Australia providing 4G data services to Aussies in all cities. 

What is LTE technically?

The term ‘4G’ is used as a network standard. Aussies use the term LTE for 4G, which stands for Long Term Evolution. The name was decided by Telcos (Optus, Virgin Mobiles, etc.) for the fastest internet services they could provide at present. LTE naturally lies under the 4G standard, as it acts as a data access capability.

Understanding the technical definition of LTE can be difficult and confusing. The key takeaway is that LTE is 10-20 times faster than the third generation of the network (3G).

Benefits of 4G Services

Faster and better speed – The fourth generation of the network is 10 times faster than the third generation of network.  This means no video buffering, game lag, breaking audio, or low-resolution video calls.  The key difference between 3G and 4G is the frequency used to broadcast data. 4G uses 1800-2300 MHz, frequency bands. On the other hand, 3G uses 900-2100 MHz, frequency bands. With an increased frequency, the data speed also increases.

Lower Latency – Latency refers to the ability of a system to perform in real-time. It is the period between the user requesting action and the action being completed. For example, you enter the URL and it finally opens. Latency is the time taken between you entering the URL and the webpage opening.  4G has a lowered latency than the previous network. 

Flexible bandwidth – This is one of the key features of LTE. The 4G network has the capacity to deal with various frequency bands rather than a fixed bandwidth system. It scales the frequency requirement depending on the operators’ choice. The standard wide cells are  1.4MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15 MHz, and 20 MHz.

Increased Capacity – 4G uses multiple-antenna transmission which enhances the system capacity. It is obtained through spatial multiplexing and beamforming. LTE interface uses OFDM which decreases the barrier between adjacent sub-carries, ultimately improving system capacity. 

The Network Operators

Before we dive deep into how cell boosters miraculously work to provide an enhanced data connection, we will take a look at different network leaders in Australi and how are they providing reliable 4G data services.


Telstr launched 4G services in September 2011. By December 2012, the company had around 8,00,000 subscribers. But, this also means that there is network sharing. A large chunk of people depending on the same operator for 4G services means a slow speed network individually. 

More than 90% of the population use Telstr for their 4G requirements. One of the key reasons behind this is that Telstr reaches even the rural segments of Australia, where there are no other providers. The company provides attractive data plans for customers. Its wholesale coverage i.e. MVNOs (virtual networks) also covers a large junk of the population, providing benefits to the parent company. 


Optus and Virgin Mobile cover the same network, both being owned by Optus. As for Optus, it almost covers 80% of the population for serving 4G services in Australia. At present, it is not providing 4G data services in rural areas. If you opt for one of the virtual networks of Optus, you will receive the same coverage as opting for Optus directly. Unlike Optus, Telstr works differently, opting for its virtual network will give you a lesser coverage. 


The global data network covers almost 96% of the Australian Population providing high-quality data services. One of the best parts is the 30-days guarantee. This means you can try out the network for 30 days. If you are satisfied with the services, you can continue with the plan. You can also opt-out after 30 days if you don’t find the data services satisfying.  Similar to Optus, choosing a Vodafone MVNO would mean that you get the same coverage as going for Vodafone directly. 

Data Company

4G/LTE Services

Telstr 700MHz  (B28)

 900MHz (B8)

1800MHz (B3)

 2600MHz (B7)

Optus 700MHz(B28) 1800MHz(B3)




Vodafone 850MHz (B5)

1800MHz (B3)

2100MHz (B1)

Are 4G Cell Signal boosters Legal in Australia?

Well, this question will linger because cell boosters are too good to be true. But, they exist and provide us with impeccable services.  For years, signal boosters were available to only the three network leaders and not the public. This was because misuse of boosters created issues on the network and impacted the cellular experience of users. 

At present, the use of 4G signal boosters has been approved for the public to use. Only those boosters can be used which are allowed by the network operators – Telstr, Vodafone, and Optus. They are allowing cell boosters in a limited product range which undergo proper deployment and engineering. However, illegal 4G signal boosters are being sold online but they are ineffective, creating issues in the network transfer. Mobile Boosters is your legal way to buy quality 4G mobile signal boosters for Australia.

How does a 4G cell booster work?

A signal booster is made of three components. The outside antenna, amplifier, and the inside antenna. The working procedure is simple. First, the outside antenna catches the weak 4G signals from your home/office and sends it to the Amplifier for boosting. The Amplifier does its work and boosts the weak signals. For the final step, the inside antenna redistributes the boosted signals into the network waves. Voila, you get string network connectivity now.

To cover a large building, several boosters have to be grouped. Once you install a 4G signal booster, you can expect significant changes in the network availability. For instance, there is no reception in an underground parking area where you can’t even make calls.  After installing a 4G mobile booster, you can see 100% network strength for all three operators.

Benefits of a 4G Mobile signal booster

  1. A 4G cell booster will help you get an improved cellular reception i.e. more bars. This means there will be no call dropping or voice breaking during calls.
  2. If you face connectivity issues regularly, your battery life will decrease. With cell boosters, your phone will work at low power which will provide you with enhanced battery life.
  3. When compared to traditional IDAS systems, a cell booster has relatively a quick deployment time and is cost-effective. 
  4. Experience faster data speeds throughout your 4G connection. 
  5. Enjoy videos without stutter with high-resolution audio/video.

How do you find the best 4G signal booster?

The first step to finding a 4G cell booster is identifying which are the legal and best 4G signal boosters available in Australia. If you don’t want to do the research part, it’s okay. Mobile Boosters has a range of best 4G signal boosters which are legal. So, you can directly identify the cell booster from our product ranges.  This is followed by understanding the requirement. A 4G signal booster will work best when you identify the location and the range of the network. Below listed are different locations for which you can buy a 4G mobile booster. 


Aussies often face internet issues or poor connectivity inside their houses. The best solution is to invest in a 4G mobile signal booster for home. This will provide you with more bars and a string signal inside your home.


Having proper network connectivity is important for being productive during office hours. If you face connectivity issues constantly at your office, you should think about investing in a quality 4G cell booster. Once you install the 4G booster, you will get amazing data connectivity and your work will never be interrupted.


Having a weak signal or poor network will not look good for getting customers. If you own a hotel facing connectivity issues regularly, you should opt for a 4G cell booster, This will boost the signal in your hotel and provide your customers with a better data network.


Imagine going to your friend’s farm in a remote area. You click these amazing pictures, but can’t share due to data issues. You want to video call your best friend and show the view, but a poor network won’t let you do that. With a 4G signal booster, you can say goodbye to all these problems.


People face a lot of connectivity issues while traveling in their car. What if you could get five bards even when you’re on the move. With portable 4G mobile signal boosters for Australia, you can enjoy uninterrupted 4G services while traveling. 

The mobile booster also depends on your usage requirement. Identify yourself as a type of network user – heavy or balanced network user. If you use the internet or network heavily, there is a cell booster for that. If you use network lightly and don’t use data much, your cell booster choices will be different. This is why you should identify your requirements beforehand.

Make the right investment in a 4G signal booster now!

If you are still confused, we can help you. Think of the 4G booster as a bass in music. If you want the music quality to be improved in your headphone, you need a bass. Similarly, your headphone is the whole network and the bass is your 4G mobile booster. You need a device to improve the existing network capacity and strength.

A 4G cell booster will work for you. The installation process is simple. Once you install it, you can enjoy full bars and string signals all the time. Mobile boosters Australia has a range of best 4G signal boosters for you. You can choose the best fit which matches your preferences and requirements. We provide quality boosters that are inexpensive and work effectively. Our end goal is to achieve client satisfaction and that is why we provide legal and quality 4G mobile signal boosters. 

Enjoy faster speed, quick data transfers, no stutter videos, high-resolution video calls, no call dropping or voice breaking, enhanced audio/video quality, seamless browsing, quick downloads, and much more. Experience 4G services like never before. Get uninterrupted string signals and the best connectivity. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our product ranges and get your 4G mobile signal booster now.

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