mobile phone signal booster for home

Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home

Being able to communicate with your friends, distant family, colleagues is important and essential. We are social animals and we need to communicate with other members of society. But, it is also an unfortunate truth that despite the high dependency on our mobile phones for communication and staying connected to the world virtually through the internet we require a strong and stable mobile signal, but at places, there is very poor connectivity. That weak mobile signal problem leaves people high and dry at times when they urgently need to make their important calls or want to access the mobile internet for something. People living in such areas where mobile signal is traditionally weaker, they have the only way to communicate is to make use of a mobile phone signal booster for home.

There are many areas in Australia where people find it difficult to get a proper mobile signal. In such cases, they are not able to make their calls uninterrupted on their mobile phones. Amazingly, Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home is one of the most searched terms on Google Australia. It simply means that people are struggling with poor mobile signals and they want a solution to this problem.

Why You Need Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home?

Home is the place where we all spend most of our time. Home is the place where we feel safe, comfortable. This is where we are in the mood to talk to our friends, distant family, and get ourselves entertained. And, if the mobile signal is not strong enough at home to allow us to receive our make our calls uninterrupted or enjoy our mobile applications because of very slow mobile signal data it is frustrating. We need to have strong mobile signals in our homes so that we don’t have to play catch up with the mobile signals to make or receive our mobile calls.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home?

Buying a mobile phone signal booster for home is like buying other electronic gadgets or appliances for your home. This is what people think of when they want to buy a mobile signal booster. But, to be honest, the buying process of a mobile phone signal booster for home is a little different than buying other things for home use.

Mostly, the other gadgets and electronic items that are used at the home are standard products that can be bought off the shelf. But when you are going to buy a mobile phone signal booster for home then you need to consider the following few things and make a note of them. Then do your research and then only you will find the right type of mobile signal booster for home use.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home?

  1. Size of your house/property (meter squares) that needs strong mobile signal coverage.
  2. Mobile Carrier you and your family members use.
  3. How many members you have in your family that needs enhanced mobile signal coverage.
  4. What is the current signal strength you have in your house?
  5. What type of signal do you want to enhance – Voice, 3G, 4G, or all of these?

So, when you are ready with these in your mind you are ready for the next step. The next step is to head over to the shop page of our website and start looking for the signal booster that would be a perfect fit for your need.

For instance, if your house is 300 Square meters or less and you and your family use Vodafone and Optus and facing problems with voice signals, then you can choose the Home Elite Signal Booster. This booster perfectly boosts the voice signals for both Vodafone and Optus. It covers 300 square meter area and supports 6 users at a time. But, if your existing signal strength is 2-3 bars then you should add a Yaggi antenna with this booster so that your booster works to maximum capacity and gets you the best signal. Yaggi antenna is a powerful external antenna that catches even the weakest signals and boosts it.

In the same situation as discussed above if you want a signal booster that will help you boost your 4G signals, then you should choose Home Elite 4G Signal Booster.

The best option if you want to cover all the cellular carriers and all the signal types you should buy Home Elite Universal Signal Booster. This booster covers 300 square meter area and boosts all types of data signals.

Guide to Buying Mobile Signal Booster

So here is the simple guide:

300 SQM Boosters – 6 Users

500 SQM Boosters – 10 Users

1000 SQM Boosters – 25 Users

5000 SQM Boosters – 250 Users

Single Band Boosters – Work with One or Two Cellular Carriers

Dual-Band Boosters – Works with Two or three Cellular Carriers

Triband Boosters – Work with Three Cellular Carriers

Universal Signal Boosters – Works with All Cellular Carriers and enhance all data types (Voice, 3G, and 4G)

If you still need help get in touch with our customer support.

What are Other Options than Using a Signal Booster to Improve Mobile Signal Reception at Home?

Honestly speaking there is no other reliable solution other than using a mobile phone signal booster.

Though, you can try opening the window of your house so that you get a little better signal. But, most of the time it doesn’t work.

So, there are many factors that obstruct your mobile signals to reach your home. This could be the building material, trees, distance from the mobile signal tower, a faulty or an old phone, a large number of users trying to connect on the same mobile signal tower at a time, etc.

But, to all of these issues, you can’t help it. You can’t cut down the trees or break your thick brick walls, or the metal sheets. Also, you can’t rip apart the insulation materials used in your building. Or you also can’t move your home near to the mobile tower to get a signal.

Or you can also not stop everyone in the area to connect to the mobile tower through their phones. But, what you can do is buy yourself a good mobile phone signal booster for home and use it.

A mobile signal booster can help you get rid of the mobile signal issues overcoming all the hurdles.


Current keeps a river clean and consecrated; the absence of current brings death to the river. Relations also meets safe fate when communication is missing from it. Hence, it is important to keep communicating with people who are important to you. And a mobile phone signal booster ensures that you get a strong signal and stay connected to the mobile network.

If you are always connected then you can communicate with the people who are important to you. You can’t say to everyone that because you have poor connectivity at home so you can’t communicate with them. When it is a reliable solution to help you get rid of the mobile signal issues why not use it.

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