how to amplify mobile signal strength

How to Amplify Mobile Signal Strength

Every technological advancement comes with a hindrance. Talking about networks, the 21st century is experiencing the rollout of 5G – one of the fastest networks ever. With 5G, we expect everything to be faster and better. But, there are a few things for which we still need a solution. Whether you’re using 3G or 4G services, you face network connection issues or poor signal and you want to amplify mobile signal strength. A complete rollout for 5G in Australia will take years and you may face a similar reception problem with 5G too. 

Irrespective of your network speed, some shortcomings occur leading to slower network speed. How do you deal with this? If you’re thinking the solutions are complex and difficult, they are not. Below listed are a few tried and tested methods, which can help you amplify mobile signal strength. We have saved the best solution for the end. Keep reading.

Getting a Faster Network

Below listed are a few hacks which can help you amplify mobile signal strength of slow data connection or poor signal strength. Try them all and find out which suits you the best. 

Software Updates

We receive software updates regularly and often hit the ‘later’ button. But, later we forget about the update and end up using an older version. This can lead your phone to function at a non-optimal level, as it doesn’t have the latest bug fixes and configurations for calling, network connectivity, and daily operations. So, if you are facing poor signals, you should first check your phone updates and get your software updated to the latest version.

Single bar? Disable LTE

Mobile signal bars indicate the overall data connectivity including your signal strength, quality, and network load on the nearby cell towers. When your phone is displaying a single bar while using LTE, it means that the cell tower your phone is connected to for network is crowded with traffic. This leads to poor connectivity and weak data signals. So, when you start facing internet connection problems at a single bar, disable LTE. your connection will be 3G for a while, but it’s worth it as you will receive a better internet connection. 

Inspect for Phone Damage

Dropping your phone accidentally happens all the time, but in some instances, it damages the internal antenna. This will significantly affect the network quality you obtain. To ensure your phone isn’t damaged, you can take off the phone cover and check for damages on the back or corners. You can also opt for making an appointment with your phone carrier and get your device checked for a complete hardware diagnosis. If the phone is damaged, you can get it repaired or replaced, if it’s still under warranty.

Opt for WiFi Calling

In instances where you have a poor cell phone reception but your WiFi connection works well, you can opt for making a WiFi call, only if your phone supports it. This will get you better receptivity because you aren’t making calls with the cellular network. This is a simple, quick, free, and effective solution. 

Upgrade to a New Phone

It is important that your phone matches with the latest technological advancements. If your phone works only on 3G and does not support LTE, you have to upgrade to a newer phone. You can choose for a model version, which supports LTE high-quality calling, WiFi calling, faster internet, and such.

The Best Solution

Tried out the above solutions, but they didn’t work for you?  Don’t worry we still have the best solution saved just for you. All these hacks work temporarily and you will face the same network issues again. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, consider investing in a mobile signal booster for Australia. We will help you understand what is a mobile signal booster and how it works to provide the best data connectivity to Aussies.

A mobile signal booster is a device created to provide users with a faster internet connection, five bars, and a strong signal. It aims to resolve all the network issues users face in different parts of Australia. There are three components that ensure that the cell booster works perfectly and does its job.

 The inside antenna is responsible for catching weak signals from the outside network and sending it to the amplifier.

  • The Amplifier receives the weak signals and boosts them into a stronger signal.
  • The outside antenna performs the final job by releasing these boosted signals in the network environment of your home or office, providing you with a stronger signal and faster data connectivity.

Major Cellular Network Providers in Australia

In Australia, there are three main cellular network providers – Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. There are various Mobile Virtual network Operators which lease networks from one of these three providers. For example, Woolworth Mobile works with the network services of Telstra. Before opting for a cell phone signal booster, it is important to understand a few aspects like coverage, history of networks, service providers, and such, to make an informed decision regarding your mobile booster. 


This network provider covers 99.4% of Australia’s population, making it the most preferred network in the country reaching everyone. The company ensures that people residing in rural areas also get proper connectivity and network services. But, their data plans are considered to be the most expensive among all three operators. They claim to provide the best data services in the country. It offers some lucrative benefits like free Telstra Air WiFi access at Telstra air hotspots, data-free sports, and music streaming, and much more. 


Optus provides data services to  98.5% of the total population of the country. This coverage will work for the urban areas but people living in rural areas will face problems with network services. But, the company is constantly improving its services and has recently launched 5G plans for the users. Optus’ mobiles offer attractive features like data pooling, my Optus app, access to Optus sports, and free national geographic content. 


Well, Vodafone seems to have a hard time establishing itself in the Australian market. It covers 96% of the Australian population. It offers a 30-day trial period. You can use the network for 30 days and opt-out if you are not happy with the services. It offers cost-effective and flexible data plans for its users. The key features of Vodafone mobile include endless data for SIM pans and bundle-share feature to help you save on all plan fees by bundling various plans under one account. 

The Evolution of the Cellular Networks in Australia

Now, that we know the top three network leaders of Australia, let’s go back in time. Technology in networks evolved from the first generation of the network to the fifth generation of networks. 

1G – The First Generation

The first generation of the network was launched by Telecom, first in Sydney (February 1987) and then in Melbourne (May 1987). The AMPS network was Australia’s first cellular network, which ran on a heavy machine known as Mitsubishi. It allowed the re-use of frequency and calling. The data services were provided to 1,360 support sites which served an approx of 85% of Australia’s population. The network system was 805 functional by December 1999 and operated full-fledged by September 2000. 

2G – The Second Generation 

The launch of the second generation of the network started with Telstra in April 1993. It wanted to launch earlier but the date got delayed due to trouble with authoritative interference by the law. Optus launched the 2G network in May, where it selected Nokia as its network supplier. Vodafone started providing 2G services in October. The GSM technology took up pace slowly as the equipment used was questionable. Later, Optus and Telstra were competing for an extension for AMPS, wherein Optus ended up growing to 34% shares in two years. 

3G – The Third Generation

In 2003, the third generation of the network started with WCDMA 3G. All three companies planned to invest hugely in the 3G network. Telstra started with 3G services on CDMA by March 2003. It signed a deal with Hutchison for network sharing in August 2004. Running on parallel lines, in the same month, Optus and Vodafone also signed an agreement for WCDMA sharing.  By this period, the phones were improved providing an extended battery life and network connectivity to the areas less populated. 

4G – The Fourth Generation

Around the year 2010-11, 3G was upgraded and the first 4G was launched. The 4G network comes with a latency of up to 60 milliseconds. It is better, faster, and more effective when compared to the previous networks. Considering the load and increasing traffic on the 3G network, 4G LTE was introduced in September 2011, to shift the traffic from 3G to a new network. Optus launched 4G services in Sydney and Perth with a spectrum of 1800 MHz. Telstra launched the network in the capital cities, airports, and regional spaces. Vodafone chose places like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Newcastle. 

5G – The Fifth Generation

By 2019, companies had started mapping out plans for the 5G launch. This network is still under the roll-out phase. The 5G network can provide a speed up to 10Gb per second. At a point in time, around one million devices will have the capacity to connect to the 5G network. This means the actual transfer speed differs individually depending on the traffic on a particular cell tower. Telstra has launched 5G devices like the Samsung Galaxy A90 and Note 10+. Optus has started with its wireless broadband 5G plans for users. Vodafone is also providing attractive 5G data plans to its customers. 

How will a Cell Phone Signal Booster Help Amplify Mobile Signal Strength?

If you are living in Australia with 3G, 4G, or 5G services from any service provider, a cell booster will work for you. Cell Boosters Australis is a leading brand providing a range of mobile signal boosters for all networks and all operators. Let’s discuss the benefits of a mobile booster in brief.

  • Faster data transfer: With a cell booster, you will experience five bars and a strong signal. This means there will be faster data transfer. You will be able to download/upload files easily without facing any network issue.
  • High-resolution content: With a signal booster, you will enjoy full data connectivity. This lets you get high-resolution videos/audios for all the content you access. You can make video calls with clear video and audio.
  • No buffered videos: When you have a cell booster, you will not have to wait for the video to load. Enjoy videos without buffering at a fast-speed internet connection.
  • Seamless Browsing: You enter a website URL and the page opens very slowly. If you invest in a mobile booster, you won’t face these problems anymore. The page will load in a blink saving you time and energy.
  • No more call dropping: A quality mobile signal booster will ensure you have five bars and strong connectivity. Your calls will connect instantly giving you high-quality audio, without any call dropping.

Where will a Cell Signal Booster Work?

  • Home: If you are facing network issues at your home, getting a mobile booster will help you amplify signal strength. Enjoy full connectivity and strong signals.
  • Hotels: Get a mobile booster and provide customers with a high-speed internet connection all the time. This will be a bonus for your hotel business.
  • Office: We don’t want you to face weak signals at your workplace. Invest in a mobile booster and get a faster network. Do your work effortlessly without facing any network issues.
  • Farm: You go to a farmhouse with your friends to chill out, but you face a weak network connection there. The best solution is installing a mobile signal booster at your farm, which will provide faster internet connection and data speed.
  • Car: Facing poor connectivity while travelling is normal. With a portable cell booster, you can enjoy high-speed internet and strong signals anywhere you go, even while commuting. 

Invest in a Mobile Signal Booster Now!

Cell Boosters Australia provides you with a permanent solution for all your network issues at home, office, farms, or hotels. We have a range of quality and legal mobile boosters that work well providing you with strong network connectivity. You can choose from a wide range of signal boosters and buy the one which suits the best as per your requirements. Mobile boosters will work wonders for your network problems. People from different parts of Australia are using cell phone signal boosters to amplify their mobile signal strength. So, what are you waiting for? Get your mobile signal booster now!

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