vodafone or telstra which one is best

Vodafone or Telstr – Which One is Best

When it comes to finding the best network operator in Australia, Vodafone or Telstr can make tough choices. Vodafone is one of the world’s leading telecommunication companies offering mobile and fixed broadband services. It provides 4G network services to more than 23 million Aussies, with a fixed broadband base of 114,000. The 5G services have been rolled out in specific locations.

Telstr is one of the best technology companies, which provides 18.8 million retail mobile services, standalone data services, 3.8 million retail fixed bundles, and 960,000 retail improved standalone voice services in Australia. The company believes in connecting individuals by adapting to the latest technological advancements.

Vodafone or Telstr?

Earlier, choosing a carrier was entirely easy – call, text, and data. In the 21st century, we have to take care of things like handset repayment, excess data management, rewards, and freebies offered along with the data plans. Before we jump into the broader perspectives, here is a brief idea of both companies’ most popular SIM plans.



Min. cost $60

Deal: Save $5/month for 12 months



Min. cost $60

Deal: Save $5/month for 12 months

Data Plans

If we consider Data, both the carriers tend to provide similar plans across different deals. Plans generally start with 10GB data which increases up to 180GB per month. You can opt for the unlimited data plan. Telstr provides you Data with a speed of 1.5 Mbps which is an average speed when you’re streaming videos in High definition, but the rate can be slower during peak times. Vodafone divides the unlimited data plan into three categories – Lite, Super, and Ultra, each with a different download speed – 2Mbps, 10Mbps, and 25Mbps, respectively.

Network Coverage

The main thing with any network provider has proper coverage. Any data plan won’t work if you have a weaker signal connection. Telstr is leading in this category, covering 99.4% of the Australian population. Vodafone lags a little behind covering 96% of the total population. If you reside in the big cities, you will receive a faster and stable network for both carriers. When it comes to rural areas, Telstr is better at providing a solid network connection.

Loyalty Rewards

Every Telstr customer gets an opportunity to subscribe to the Telstr plus program. Every dollar you spend on the plus program earns you points that can be used later to buy gadgets or smartphones. However, Vodafone doesn’t provide any mobile reward program. If you go for a Vodafone plan, you can get a discount by integrating your current plan with other services.

At present, Telstr is a better network than Vodafone, keeping in mind the overall aspects used for comparison here. If you are looking for a carrier, it’s best to find out which works better, specifically in your location. There is a possibility that Vodafone works better in your area.

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