things you need to consider when choosing a mobile signal amplifier

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Signal amplifier

A bad cellular signal isn’t something you can ignore. If you can’t call your loved ones whenever you want, let alone if you use a phone for work purposes, then you should be actively looking for ways to make your reception better. You can flood your network operator with requests to install more cell sites in your area but what are the chances that it will listen to the voice in the wilderness? Well, you may just waste a bunch of time if you go this way. Instead, you can try a different solution that proved to be fast and efficient – a mobile signal amplifier.

Types of Mobile Signal Amplifier

There are types of mobile signal amplifiers that you need to connect directly to your cell phone. You can use them anywhere you go but they are really weak, cumbersome, and can cause frequency interference. The devices that are really worth consideration are a little different.

An effective mobile signal amplifier is a small box containing an amplifier with two antennas connected to it. One of the antennas must be installed outside to receive the signals from your network carrier. The other antenna gets an amplified signal and spreads it inside the premises. While you can’t carry such a device around (although, you can install one in your car), they come with a number of benefits in comparison with portable models:

  • large coverage area inside a building;
  • multiple user support;
  • multi-band models work with several network carriers;
  • you don’t need to attach anything to your device;
  • signal gets up to 100 times stronger;
  • save to use.

One fairly compact device is a miracle-maker in terms of improving the quality of voice calls and wireless data transmission. However, to reap all the benefits, you should know how to choose a cell phone signal amplifier properly.

Focus on Operating Frequencies

There are two types of cellular amplifiers: carrier-specific and multi-band ones. The former works only with the bands and frequencies of a chosen network carrier.

The latter is a more versatile device that supports a wide range of bands meaning it is suitable for 3G or 4G networks by a few providers. If you are not sure which band is utilized by your network carrier or you need a booster for multiple users, it’s best to stick with a multi-band device.

However, if you want to save money, you need to carry out some research to learn the specific transmission frequency in your network. There are quite a few Android apps for this purpose; if you’re an iOS user, just dial *3001#12345#* > serving cell info > freq band indicator. Alternatively, you can inquire of your network provider what frequencies it uses in your area.

Please note that frequencies will vary depending on the type of network (3G, 4G, or 5G) and your specific location (in the rural areas, network providers tend to utilize lower band frequencies since they travel farther). Needless to say, the bands your phone and mobile signal booster operate on must concur.

Gain and Coverage Matter

Another thing to consider is a booster’s coverage. If you’re planning to purchase a signal booster for your house or apartment, make sure its coverage is the same or a little bit wider than the floor area. Normally, a domestic amplifier will cover up to 600 square meters (6500 sq. ft.).

If you have a commercial property or just a large mansion, you might want to go for a commercial model covering from 1000 to 5000 square meters (11 000 – 53 00 sq. ft.). Please note that coverage normally correlates with the number of supported devices (while simple devices support 1-6 users, commercial boosters can handle up to 250 simultaneous connections).

Finally, we got to gains. This indicator shows how much stronger your signal can potentially be after going through an amplifier. The gain is normally specified as +50dB, +65dB, +75dB, etc. Please note that the strength grows exponentially – while +3dB means the double strength for your signal, +20dB indicated that the signal is able to become 100 times stronger.

A mobile signal amplifier will make your digital life go very smoothly without any hiccups.

Those were the things to consider when buying a mobile signal amplifier. Make sure to take them into consideration to enjoy crystal clear voice calls and fast mobile internet.

If you need more information then you can simply contact us and our team will help you choose the right mobile signal booster.

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