the ultimate guide to 4g mobile signal boosters

The Ultimate Guide to 4G Mobile Signal Boosters

With technological advances every day, the 21st century calls for smart devices to solve the problems these advances can bring. Mobile Signal booster is a device which helps boost weak signals in the area and provide better connectivity. If you are using a 4G connection in Australia, you can easily get a quality mobile booster. To understand the specifics about 4G mobile signal boosters, we first need to understand how the fourth generation network works.

The Evolution of Networks

While talking about networks, we use the term ‘Generation’. This term refers to a collection of telephone network standards which shows how technology would be implemented for a specific mobile phone system.

1G – The oldest network

The advancement started with the introduction of 1G in 1987 by Telstr. Australia’s first interaction with data connectivity was due to the 1G Analog. The network ran through the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) network.  Once the network gained momentum, there were around 2 million subscribers.

2G – Second Generation

Telecom, now known as Telstr introduced the second generation of the network in 1993. The new advancement brought features like text messaging, multimedia messaging, internet, and the Sim card. It used GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communication) for handling the data transmission. 

3G – Third Generation

This development was a stepping stone among generations of the network. 3G brought a revolutionary change for how the internet was used. It was introduced in 2005 and provided data services to more than 50% of the population in Australia. The technology used here is called UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications System.

What is 4G?

The fourth generation is the fourth network which revolutionized the world of data connectivity and networking. 4G provides the fastest data connectivity and internet services in comparison to the previous networks. In Australia, 4G also refers to LTE – Long Term Evolution. 

4G LTE works on various frequencies depending on your geographical location. Here, you would generally find a frequency of 1800 MHz.  This network provides you with a download speed up to 100mbps and uploads 50 mbps. The latency is reduced from 300 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds. In most areas of Australia, you will find a bandwidth of 15 MHz. 

During peak hours, the network frequency is reduced. This often leaves you with lower upload or download speed. You can solve this problem by investing in a quality 4G cell booster for your home, office, hotel, or car. Before getting into the working of a 4G mobile booster, let’s understand how 4G will benefit you as a user. 

Benefits of 4G Network

Quick data transmission

4G provides faster speed for transferring data over the internet. The speed of a 4G network is expected to be ten times faster than a 3G network. This is good news for people who use smartphones for a longer period. Your videos will load faster, movies will be downloaded faster with less or no buffer time. With 4G, you will get high-resolution videos and audio of high-quality. 

Social Interactions

With the 4G network, social interaction has become easier. You can video call each other with high-quality audio and video resolutions. You will not lose network bandwidth even when you are on the move. Maintaining long-distance social interactions has now become easy and convenient.

Business Industries

4G is impacting every sector including the business industry. Companies have added benefits of using this fast-speed technology for cloud services, quick browsing, creating websites and mobile apps, and much more.

Higher Bandwidth

4G has a higher bandwidth when compared to the previous networks. It covers a larger geographical area providing high-speed data and internet to various parts of Australia.

How is 4G different from 3G?

The third and fourth generation of the network varies in various aspects. The key difference is the data transfer speed and internet connectivity. 

  • 4G provides data connection at a speed 10x faster than that of 3G. 
  • If you have a 3G phone, you can connect to a maximum speed of 21mbps whereas a 4G phone would let you a speed up to 300mbps. 
  • 3G works up to a frequency of 2.1 gigahertz whereas 4G works at a frequency of 2.5 gigahertz. 
  • 3G lenient horizontally. On the other hand, 4G is lenient both horizontally and vertically.

What is 4G/LTE in Australia?

Major companies like Telstr, Optus, and Vodafone provide fast 4G network services in Australia.  Today’s mobile phones come equipped with the specifics necessary for 4G/LTE. If you are using a 4G network but still face issues like weak signals, call drops, or voice-breaking at your home or office, you need a 4G signal booster. Cell Booster Australia provides you with quality cell boosters to improve your 4G data connectivity.

Telstr launched the 4G network in Australia in September 2011. By December 2012, the company had more than 8,00,000 4G consumers. They currently cover almost every region in the country. The company claims to cover 40% of the country’s population. But, their data and call plans are quite expensive when compared to companies like Optus and Vodafone. Since so many users actively utilize the same network, there is a sharing of data. This leads to slow upload/download speed. If you wish to get high-speed data, buy a Mobile signal booster for your home.

Optus has spent a large amount to roll out in all parts of Australia. It is working on growing its customer reach. It has covered areas like  Brisbane CBD, Perth, Surfer’s Paradise, Newcastle ) and Melbourne. On the other hand, Vodafone is also offering lucrative plans to its users. The 4G rollout has been a success as consumers are enjoying high-speed data transmission. Several people have already purchased a Vodafone cell booster for their homes and offices. 

Things to remember while using 4G!

4G is an advanced technology revolutionizing the network and data industry. It is faster, better, and more efficient than 3G. But, there are a few things to keep in mind when you start using the new network. Here is a list of things for you to remember.

  • You will require a new phone which supports 4G/LTE. An older phone where you used the 3G network won’t work for using 4G.
  • 4G drains more battery for providing high-speed network.
  • For high-quality resolutions, more data will be consumed over a 4G network, probably double the amount of data consumed in a 3G network.
  • 4G data and call plans are more expensive than 3G plans.
  • In areas with fewer towers, you will be forced to opt for the 3G network. Even if you have a 4G connection, your network will automatically shift to 3G.

How will a 4G mobile signal booster work for you?

There are times when you may face low receptions or connectivity issues. You are making an important call and you face call drop issues. You may have 2 or 3 bars on your network and never get a strong signal. While uploading an important file you face slow speed whereas you need it to be done in 5 minutes. You can solve all these problems by investing in a simple yet effective device known as a 4G Mobile Signal Booster.

With a 4G cell booster, you will receive five bars and strong signals all the time. The 4G network is used widely by all people in the country. Since there are three major leaders in Australia, Telstr being the oldest one, it has more users for the 4G network. With so many users, the concept of data sharing has been introduced. You will automatically get a slower speed when a lot of users are using the same network. How do you deal with this situation? You get a cell booster for your office or home. This will provide you with a faster speed even during peak time.

The Mobile Signal Booster has three components – the inside antenna, amplifier, and the outside antenna. It is very easy and simple to install. Once you have installed the device, it will catch on the weak radio signals matching its frequency range. The Amplifier works to boost the signal to provide better connectivity. The inside antenna releases the boosted signals in the network increasing your data speed. In the case of 4G, you need a 4G signal booster to provide the best connectivity.

Is a 4G Signal Booster the best choice?

Let’s take an example. You are in your office where everyone uses 4G services to transfer data and make calls. Now, what if everyone faces situations like call drops and weak signals? Is it an ideal situation to be? Even thinking about it, you wouldn’t want to face something like this. You can work in an office with dedication only if you have a proper connection. 

Now, we have installed a 4G mobile signal booster at your office. The situation in your workplace has improved now. Employees can easily make international calls and attend zoom calls. You can update your website without sling connection. Even if employees are using the same network, there are no issues of poor reception or slow data transfer. If you have a task you need to accomplish urgently, you can do that while enjoying full data connectivity.

We recommend you the best solutions. Mobile Boosters has created cell boosters for different networks like 3G and 4G for years now. We have various devices to help you choose the best 4G signal booster as per your requirement. We provide you with quality boosters at affordable prices. You can now enjoy a fast data connection anywhere you go.

Different Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Different Locations

Cell Booster Australia provides you with 4G mobile signal boosters for different locations.

  • Home – If you are facing network issues specifically at your home, you can opt for one of our 4G mobile signal boosters for your home. Get the 4g mobile signal booster installed inside your home to enjoy full connectivity, strong signals, and fast data transfers.
  • Office – You may face issues like weak signals, call drops, or voice breaking at your office. This happens because a lot of people are using the same network. The solution to this problem is getting a high-quality 4G Mobile signal booster for your office. If you are confused, you can choose from our range of cell boosters. 
  • Farm – Are you organizing a party or get together at your farm? It would be very disappointing if your friends come to your farm and face network issues. To avoid such situations, you should go for 4G mobile signal boosters. The device will ensure that you enjoy high-quality data transmission all the time.
  • Hotels – Customers don’t like it when there are network issues like low reception and weak signals. You should install a cell booster because poor data connectivity can also be bad for your business. After getting the signal booster, your customers will enjoy faster data speed and strong signals.
  • Car – Several people have complained about losing data networks while traveling. This is why we have a portable device to help you with the problem. Get a portable mobile signal booster to enjoy high-speed data on the move. No more weak network or signals while commuting. 

Get your 4G mobile signal booster now!

The ultimate solution for all your 4G network problems is here. Get your 4G mobile signal booster and enjoy benefits like faster data transmission, five bars, no network loss, high-speed connection, high-resolution video calls, no call dropping, voice breaking, and much more. You can get a cell booster for your home, office, farm, or hotel. Go for a portable device while you are traveling. 

Shop Your 4G Signal Booster Here!

Mobile Boosters has served many happy customers by resolving their connectivity issues. We believe in achieving client satisfaction. We provide quality 4G mobile signal boosters to help you with the network issues. The signal boosters will prove beneficial in various ways. The right investment will reap success for you in the future. Invest in a 4G mobile signal booster to enjoy all the benefits now.

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