the ultimate buyers guide for mobile signal boosters in australia

The Ultimate Buyer’s guide for Mobile Signal Boosters in Australia

With various technological advances, we have come across upgrades in the data connectivity. The world has come far advancing from 2nd generation to 5th generation of mobile networks. Despite that, there are several instances when you face weak signals and poor connectivity. It feels as if there isn’t much you can do to solve this issue, but you can.  Mobile signal boosters are there to help you get strong signals and better connectivity. These devices are capable of solving all your network issues.

There are various types of mobile signal boosters available in the market. How do you identify the best ones and make the right choice? There are various factors to consider before buying a suitable mobile booster. We have curated several aspects to help you make an informed decision. 

What is a Mobile Signal Booster?

A mobile signal booster is a device designed to boost the radio signals and provide better data connectivity. Let’s say you frequently face connection issues at your home or office. You tried going to the network company but no solutions have been granted yet. How do you cope up with the situation? A mobile signal booster will help you with the problem.

The booster is made of three components. The inside antenna catches the radio signals from the cell tower to access voice and data signals. The amplifier boosts the signals up to 32x. The final step involves the outside antenna releasing the boosted signals inside your home. Voila, you have a stronger network connection now.

Mobile Signal Boosters for all networks

The common 3G frequencies in Australia are 850MHz, 900 MHz, and 2100 MHz. The main 4G bands are B1, B3, B5, B7, B7, and B28. There are three main leaders for providing networks and data connectivity.

Cellular Company




Telstr  850 MHz-2100 MHz 700 MHz  (B28)

 900 MHz (B8)

1800 MHz (B3)

 2600 MHz (B7)

DC-HSPA for 3G 

LTE for 4G 

Optus 900 MHz-2100 MHz 700 MHz (B28)

1800 MHz (B3)

2100 MHz (B1)

2300 MHz (B40)

2600 MHz (B7)



Vodafone 900 MHz-2100 MHz 850 MHz (B5)

1800 MHz (B3)

2100 MHz (B1)




These are only three network carriers in Australia.: the Telstr network, the Optus network, and the Vodafone network. Under these three leaders, you will find several Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) working. They look like any other network but are a part of the bigger networks. They provide you with some of the best deals available in the market. How? These virtual operators purchase network services and resell those network services at a lower price. Here is a list of a few MVNOs that are being popularly approached for networking services. 

Telstr MVNOs

  • ALDI Mobile
  • Belong
  • Boost Mobile
  • Lycamobile
  • Pennytel
  • Southern Phone
  • Tangerine Telecom
  • TeleChoice
  • Woolworths Mobile

Optus MVNos

  • Amaysim
  • Coles Mobile
  • Dodo
  • Exetel
  • iiNet
  • Jeenee Mobile
  • Moose Mobile
  • OVO
  • Southern Phone
  • SpinTel
  • Vaya
  • Yomojo

Vodafone MVNOs

  • Hello Mobile
  • Kogan Mobile
  • Lebara Mobile
  • TPG
  • Go Talk
  • Pivotel
  • TransACT

What about the 5th generation network?

Network companies globally are launching the fifth-generation network. 5G is a new spectrum providing far more benefits compared to any other network you have experienced before. Its faster, better, and more effective. The world has evolved from 4G to 5G and here are the benefits.

  • Faster connectivity: You can expect a download speed of 20 GB per second. The exact speed a user will get depends on how the network has been configured in his/her immediate geographical location and the number of devices availing the same 5G services at a point of time. 
  • Lower Latency: Latency can be explained as the process where your information goes from your phone to the wider network and comes back. The time taken to complete the process is called Latency. With 5G, there will be a lower latency of 1 millisecond. 4G has a latency of 60 milliseconds. The difference is quite visible and this is why 5G will have a greater impact on the users. 
  • Device connections: With the use of 5G, more devices can connect to the network at the same time. The use of smartphones has grown exponentially. Allowing more devices to connect is important as 5G also leads to advancements in autonomous cars, machinery, and IoT.

The network leaders 

To avail the 5G services, people need a new smartphone that has the required configurations for supporting 5th generation network.

  • Telstr has started selling its first 5G devices – the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S10 5G, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, the Galaxy A90 5G, the LG V50 ThinQ, and the HTC 5G Hub portable hotspot.
  • Optus came up with an innovative idea by launching home broadband services where you get unlimited data for a bill of 70$ per month. At present, 200000 households can connect to broadband. The company has seven 5G devices ready for users – the Galaxy S20 family, the Galaxy Note 10 5G+, the Galaxy S10 5G, the Galaxy A90 5G, and the OPPO Reno 5G.
  • Vodafone goes the extra mile by launching its 5G network. To avail the services, you will require a 5G approved device, be in a 5G coverage area, and sign up for the 5G plans. Currently, the company has launched three devices for 5G – The Galaxy S20 family. 

The current scenario shows that Telstr and Optus’ networks are still panning out. Vodafone’s 5G network is almost non-existent right now. The 5G spectrum will take a few years to establish itself. Many challenges come up while launching a new network and these companies are facing them head-on. 

Why should you invest in a mobile signal booster?

Investing in a cellphone signal booster is one of the smartest choices you can make. Let’s take an example to understand how you will benefit from investing in a cell network booster. You live in an area with network connectivity issues.

Sometimes, the voice breaks on the call, you’re doing a presentation on zoom and the data connection gets slow or stops working. You are unable to complete the work on time because your internet was not working properly. You woke up scrawling for daily updates and your data does not work. It wouldn’t be a lovely morning, would it?

Do all these situations sound familiar to you? Daily, we face network issues. We have tried complaining to the network companies but it is not an ultimate solution. Mobile Boosters brings you the best phone signal boosters in OZ. We serve you only with the best products. You can choose from different cell phone boosters as per your requirement – 4G signal booster, Vodafone signal boosters, signal boosters for hotels, signal boosters for the shop, Optus 4G signal booster, and much more.


  • Easy Installation: A cell phone signal booster is easy to install and maintain. You can install it by yourself. There are three components and you just need to connect the antennas. But, at Cell Booster Australia, we have experts to complete the installation procedure. The device requires little maintenance. 
  • Enjoy stronger signals: There are geographical limitations when it comes to getting a strong signal. Concrete buildings, hilly areas, or terrain regions can disrupt the signal strength. With phone signal booster in OZ, you can get past these problems and get stronger and clearer signals. 
  • Better safety: The ACMA agrees that mobile signal boosters add to public safety. With Mobile Boosters, get the weak signals boosted by the amplifier and enjoy strong and better data connectivity.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: Any user with weaker signals will have lower battery life. Weak signals drain more battery. If you have a stronger signal and better connectivity, your phone’s battery life will be enhanced. If you are facing such issues with your battery life, the problem may lie within the network. Consider buying a cell phone signal booster to provide you with a better network and save up on your phone’s battery.
  • An end to dropped calls: You call a client and then the calls get dropped. You call your friend urgently and your voice breaks off. We often come across such instances and the solution to this is investing in a quality mobile signal booster. No more voice breaking in-between calls. Get your cell signal booster now. 
  • Smooth Browsing: When you have weaker connectivity, net surfing and browsing become difficult. It takes time to even load results for a basic google search. With cell boosters, you can say goodbye to such browsing. You can search and browse seamlessly without worrying about losing data connectivity now and then. 

Will a cell booster work for my location?

Are you ready to invest in a quality mobile signal booster? Mobile Boosters has the best quality products for your requirement. If you are worried whether the cell booster will work for your location, we have got you covered.  Let’s discuss in detail regarding different locations where our boosters will work wonders for you.

  • Home: We stay at our home most of the time. If you are facing any type of connectivity issue at your home, you can go for our cell phone signal booster. Everyone staying at your home is probably facing a network issue. Investment in the right place will help you reap great benefits. 
  • Office: It is a matter of concern if you are facing slow signals or poor connections. Your workplaces require strong signals all the time for various purposes. A quality mobile signal booster will help you solve this problem. You can stop worrying about connectivity issues and focus on doing your office work.
  • Car: Yes, you heard it right. Mobile Boosters provide you with portable cell boosters which you can install in your car easily. Now, get full bars and strong signal even while you are traveling. Listen to songs and attend important calls without voice breaking or call dropping.
  • Hotels: You have an amazing hotel but customers face connectivity issues. It can happen due to weaker signals in your area. This is an issue that should be looked upon immediately. Invest in the right cell boosters to solve the issue. Your customers will get stronger and clearer signals now. 
  • Farms: Everyone goes to a farmhouse to chill and enjoy with their loved ones. They are located in areas away from the city in solidarity. Facing a network issue there would frown everyone and spoil the trip. But, what if we have a solution for that?  Mobile signal boosters in OZ will work perfectly for your farm. You will get better connectivity and stronger signals. 

Are you still confused?

If you are still confused about whether you should buy a cell phone signal booster, we can help you resolve the confusion.  Imagine a situation where you face no connectivity issues. You wake up with full bars of signal. Scroll through news updates and have breakfast.

Go to your office or work from home and attend all calls without any voice breaking. Make zoom/skype calls without losing data connection. You go out in your car and have full internet connectivity while listening to songs. You plan a party at your farmhouse and all your friends have a full network connection.

All customers in your hotel are happy and satisfied with your services. They face no network issues and will book you every time they come back. 

All of these are not hypothetical situations. This can be your life. This is possible if you buy a mobile signal booster. This one device is capable of solving all your network issues like a poor signal, weak connections, slow downloads, video buffers, and much more. 

Choose your cell phone booster now!

We now know that cell boosters work magic for all your connectivity issues. Studies show that more than 50% of people residing in Australia face weak signals and poor connectivity. Mobile Boosters bring you with a one-time investment solution. If you are living in Australia, we have just the right device for you.

Whether you are using Vodafone, Optus, or Telstr, we have a cell booster for your network. We have wide ranges to match your network frequency or band. Even if you are using a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, we have got you covered. Choose from endless options and solve your network connectivity issues now.

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