vodafone network repeater

Vodafone Network Repeater is a cell phone booster that boosts the internal phone signals in your office, home, and outdoor areas. Sometimes when you are at your workplace or are at your home, walls or nearby buildings can hamper your cell phone coverage.

It boosts your indoor coverage and improves voice quality and data speeds. It has two ports, i.e., one for connecting to an outside antenna and connecting to an indoor antenna. The device includes an amplifier module that can provide a gain of 40-100dB. For proper working, there must be a signal available at the antenna to amplify.

Vodafone Network Repeater improves 3G, 4G, and LTE signal services by eradicating dropped calls & dead zones. With the support of a 100dB gain, it not only improves cellular service but also reduces your mobile phone’s power requirements and extends its battery life.

These repeaters are fully self-configuring and self-contained. This device helps boost your internal mobile phone signal strength.


  1. Increases Mobile Data Speed
  2. Eliminates Missed and Dropped call
  3. Improves Voice quality
  4. Extends Cell Phone battery life

Vodafone Network Repeaters can provide maximum network coverage and are network friendly. It is an affordable and permanent solution to all your network issues.

Cell Booster Australia provides you with an extensive range of Vodafone mobile boosters for 3G, 4G, and 5G network connections. Several users in the country have already made their purchases. What are you still waiting for? Check our website now!

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