telstra signal booster for office

Telstr Signal Booster for office picks up the existing poor signal from the nearest cellular towers and boosts it, providing you with five-bar strong signal strength.

Telstr Signal Booster is built to work on the same frequencies used by Telstr cellular networks in the country. Telstr Booster helps you to enjoy uninterrupted 3G and 4G communication in your office area i.e., Telstr 3G is broadcasted on an 850 MHz frequency band and Telstr 4G is broadcasted on an 1800 MHz frequency. You can choose the best 3G and 4G signal boosters for your business accordingly.

If you’re on the Telstr network, you should consider getting a Telstr signal booster device for your office. It will enhance your network connection, providing you with a faster internet connection, call clarity, a seamless browsing experience, and much more.

Telstr Signal Booster for office works like a miracle. It has three major components: (1) an external antenna. (2) Amplifier. And (3) Internal antenna. The external antenna receives the outside poor signal and sends it to the amplifier. Finally, the amplifier boosts that poor signal and sends it to the internal antenna. The internal antenna then broadcasts the advanced signal inside your office area. This is how the Telstr mobile repeater would provide you with a boosted and stable network. 

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