cell phone booster for home

A cell phone booster for home is a device that enhances the signal strength of a specific network provider at your home. The device has three components that work together to ensure proper functionality. The antenna is installed on the roof of your house. For this, choose a corner that has an average network strength. This is important for the device to function properly. Once installed, it receives the signals from the tower, boosts it, and transmits that signal to different corners of your home.

There are different types of cell boosters working for different localities. For example, A smaller apartment might require a device that covers an area of up to 300 sqm. A larger building might require an area that covers around 1000 sqm. Even if you have a bigger property of 5000 square meters or more you can also get that covered with our signal booster.

Get a Stable and Steady Signal

Irrespective of the mobile booster type, you would enjoy a stable and steady network connection. Several users in Australia are already using these devices to get a high-speed internet connection, call clarity, and a five-bar strong signal. 

While there are numerous ways to solve network issues at your home, installing a cell phone booster for home would be a smart decision to solve all your network issues. It is a permanent and affordable solution that provides a stable network at your home.

If everyone in your family uses the same network carrier, you can get a mobile repeater device for that carrier, for example – a 4G Telstr cell booster. In case, everyone uses a different 4G carrier, you can get a universal 4G cell booster that works for all the major network carriers in the country.

Cell Booster Australia offers you premium quality cell booster devices for your home. Head to our website for more details. 

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