how to solve mobile signal issues in australia

How to Solve Mobile Signal Issues in Australia

Aussies have complained time and again for facing bad reception and connectivity issues. Irrespective of the network operator people choose, they always face weak signal strength. We understand such situations and the frustration it brings along. This is why we have curated a guide with solutions (How to Solve Mobile Signal Issues in Australia) to help you resolve the connectivity issues with your data operator. Before diving into the solutions, let’s first learn to identify weak signals or poor network.

You have a poor network connection if you face any of these problems – voice breaking during calls, call dropping, video buffering, emails unsent in the outbox, low-resolution audio/video, pages load slowly while browsing, takes an hour or more to download videos or it takes forever to upload huge files. All of these issues cause you to worry and trouble, but our solutions can help you solve the network issues permanently. 

What causes Mobile Signal Issues in Australia?

  1. You are in a place away from the cell towers. This happens for people living in bush or outback areas.
  2. If there are many obstacles between your network reception and the cell tower, you will get poor signals. This happens in big cities with skyscrapers and other tall buildings.
  3. A key factor behind the signal strength is the number of devices being served from a single tower. This happens at big events or sports functions, wherein a huge chunk depends on the same tower for the reception.

Basic Hacks to Solve Mobile Signal Issues in Australia

We have listed some basic methods which can be used for improving your network connection. We have saved the best method in the end. Keep reading to find which method will work best for you. 


Have you ever thought of connecting an antenna to your phone? You can do this to get better receptivity. Many phones can now host an antenna which has a patch lead and an antenna port. Out of these, some can be put on the roof of your car. You can choose from varying sizes and types and ensure that you get the best fit for your requirements.

Phone case removal

We know this idea may sound bizarre, but it works. Maybe the problem lies with your favorite bunny or butterfly. Removing the phone case will help you get a better connection. This is because heavy designer attachments to the phone cases often act as obstacles between your phone’s network and the cell tower. 

Contact your network provider

When no hacks work, you should reach out to the customer care of your network provider. You may not get the most cheerful greeting, but they provide the right solutions. If the problem lies within the cell tower, good network operators add a cell tower in your area. If they don’t, you need to try out for other options.

Hand Position

Let’s go back to the era where black and white television shows were prevalent. You can imagine the huge antennas outside the phone. Now, come back to the present. Today’s smartphones also have antennas but aren’t visible. Often we block the antennas by holding the phone incorrectly, i.e. hand position. Do some experiments with your hand position and ensure to correct it. This may solve your signal issues. 

The Ultimate Solution

Tried all the above-listed solutions, but it didn’t work out? Well, these are temporary solutions. You can follow them and get your signal issue solved once, twice or maybe even three times. But, if you regularly face a network issue, what solution will work for you? Mobile Boosters Australia brings you the ultimate solution for your network problems in Australia. Buy quality cell boosters from our range of boosters for every network. Let’s take a close look and understand what are mobile signal boosters. 

A mobile booster works for the sole purpose of enhancing your limited or poor network connectivity. It has three components that work together to get the desired results. You can improve the amount and distance of your reception with a quality signal booster.  Let’s see how a signal booster works.

  • Inside Antenna – The component is responsible to identify and catch the weaker signals in your network range and pass it on.
  • Amplifier – An amplifier works by receiving weak signals from the inside antenna and boosting it into a stronger signal.
  • Outside Antenna – The final job is done by the outside antenna. It sends the enhanced signals from the amplifier to the outside cell tower, providing you with better data connectivity.

Cell Boosters for every network

Mobile Boosters has a range of cell boosters for all your network needs. Let’s briefly discuss how the network has evolved so far and its types, from the first generation to the fifth generation of network. 

1G – The Analog

The first company to launch 1G services in Australia was Telecom. Now known as Telstr, it launched the network in 1987. The technology AMPS expanded to several base stations, serving around 85% of the Australian population. The device available for using 1G services was a handheld Mitsubishi costing around $4,250. 

2G – The Second Generation

After the roll-out of 1G, Australia had three network providers – Telstr, Optus, and Vodafone. All three operators launched with their 2G services. Telstr went first launching 2G in April 1993. Optus went for May and Vodafone launched it in October. 

3G – The Third Generation

The Third Generation of the network was an important advancement in the history of networks. 3G opened a new world full of opportunities. The system of calls, texting, sending images and such strengthened here. The internet speed improved along with network connectivity. It was launched in 2003 and by 2010, more than 70% of the population was using 3G services.

4G – The Fourth Generation

The fourth-generation came in with new advancements, better technology, and improved connectivity. It gives faster internet speed, quick data transfers, better connection, strong signals, and much more. At present, Aussies are heavily relying on 4G services to fulfilling their network needs.

5G – The Fifth Generation

5G is the latest advancement for networks. It has various advantages over the previous networks. The rollout of 5G has started in Australia. Network operators are providing attractive data plans and broadband plans for 5G services. It brings faster internet with a download speed of 10 Gbps. The latency is lowered up to 1 millisecond. You can expect the best out of this network. It is geared to help you solve mobile signal issues in Australia in the best way possible.

The Network Leaders

Below are the top cellular networks of Australia.


Telstr is one of the oldest network providers in Australia. Serving more than 99% of the population, it provides data services for 3G, 4G as well as 5G network. It has an extensive presence in rural areas as well.  For people outside the network zone, the company has mobile satellites for ensuring them with proper network connectivity. At present, Telstr is one of the most established operators for providing 5G data services. In addition, its air services offer functional WiFi to consumers with 1 million hotspots across the country. You can enjoy added benefits like free sports and music streaming for subscribers. 


Around 98.5% of the population in Australia depend on Optus for data services. After Telstr, it is the second-largest network providing 3G, 4G, and 5G data services. The 5G rollout is still incomplete but it’s under process. The company is offering 5G home wireless broadband which makes it a unique product when compared to the competitors. An alluring feature is data pooling. If a user has multiple plans on a single account, he/she can share the data.  


The brilliant network has served more than 22 million Aussies with its 4G data services. It offers data plans for 3G, 4G, and 5G. It is still struggling to keep up with the competitor network operators. Vodafone provides attractive plans with unlimited data and talks packs. The network operator provides bonus data to students at the same price for a postpaid plan. If you add multiple plans on the same account, you are eligible for discounts. The network also gives you a 30-days guarantee. You can opt-out if you don’t like the data services after using it for 30 days. 

Benefits of a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Now that you have understood different network leaders of Australia, let’s take a look at the benefits of investing in a quality mobile signal booster. Mobile Boosters provide you with cell boosters for all operators with 3G, 4G, and 5G services.

  • No more call drops – With a cell booster, you will experience five bars and strong signals. This means that there won’t be any call drops now.
  • Voice-breaking – Remember the times when you make an important call and the voice of the person on the other end starts breaking. You end up understanding nothing. With a quality cell booster, you can avoid the voice breaking issue and enjoy high-quality voice calls.
  • An end to stutter videos – You open youtube and the video keeps buffering. Installing a mobile booster will help you solve this issue. You can stream videos in high-quality without facing buffer issues.
  • High-resolution audio/video – With a cell booster, you will enjoy high-resolution audios and videos. You can make video calls without having blur images or audio breaking. Attend meetings and discussions without worrying about the network issues. 
  • Seamless Browsing – You open a website and it takes forever to load. You can enjoy seamless browsing by getting a cell booster as a permanent solution. The websites will load quickly, saving you time and effort.

Where can I use a cell booster?

  • Home – If you are constantly facing network issues at your home, you can opt for a cell booster. You can attach it inside your home. The installation process is quite simple. Enjoy strong signals and five bars in your home.
  • Office – Facing network issues at your workplace can take away all your motivation for the day. It is important to have a faster network at your office. All you have to do is get a powerful signal booster from our range of products. Experience the best network connectivity at your workplace.
  • Hotel – Your customers keep complaining of poor signals and you can’t help it. Well, a cell booster is the best solution for your problem. If the building is large, consider installing multiple boosters for getting the best network.
  • Cars – Yes, it’s true. You can enjoy strong data signals even when you are traveling in your car. With our range of portable mobile signal boosters, you can get strong connectivity anywhere you go.

Choose your mobile signal booster now!

Mobile Boosters Australia offers you a permanent solution for all your network issues. This is a one-time investment plan where you can enjoy strong signals and faster data speed whenever you want. Aussies from different states have bought cell Boosters and are happily using them for better connectivity and data speeds. 

I hope that you understand how to solve mobile signal issues in Australia.

If you still have doubts, there are some hacks you can try out before purchasing a cell booster. But, they are temporary solutions. If you face network problems on a regular basis, you should consider buying a mobile signal booster. It is the ultimate option for enjoying a full network. You can get the mobile booster for your house, car, office, hotel, or farm. The installation process is simple and experts will help you with that.

Experience the fastest data speed and full network connectivity. You can choose the cell booster as per your Network and the operator. Mobile Boosters Australia has quality cell Boosters for all networks. Now, you won’t ever face video stutters, poor resolution, call drops, or voice breaks. Get your cell booster now.

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