how to improve mobile coverage with a mobile signal booster

How to Improve Mobile Coverage with a Mobile Signal Booster

Before we start talking about how you can improve mobile coverage with the help of Mobile Signal Booster, let’s first see why mobile communication and a strong signal is so crucial.

Nowadays mobile phones are one of the most useful and widely used devices. They let us instantly communicate, quickly access the internet on the go, and use all kinds of useful applications. However, using your mobile phone with a poor signal is incredibly frustrating. It limits the phone’s ability to make calls, receive calls, and use mobile internet data. Not only is this frustrating, but also very difficult to fix, especially if you receive a poor signal.

Poor mobile coverage in Australia is often an issue for those living in rural areas. With fewer mobile phone masts in these areas, signals tend to be much poorer compared to built-up locations.

Even then, there are multiple obstacles (namely buildings, building material, foliage, and other concrete and street structures) that block and slow signals in busy areas. It means that living near a mobile phone mast doesn’t guarantee a strong signal.

One of the best ways around poor mobile coverage is to invest in a good quality mobile signal booster. These devices significantly improve mobile signals so that you can use your mobile phone as it was intended.

Using a Mobile Signal Booster

Cell Booster Australia is one of the top names in the mobile phone signal booster market. These signal booster devices are the best available option. It significantly improves the mobile phone signals for all major Australian Cellular networks. Note that Australia has only three major cellular networks i.e., Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus. Rest all are MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). The MVNOs use the mobile network of these three major cellular providers, they don’t have their own network infrastructure.

Whatever your need is, we have a mobile signal booster for all situations. Be it a small flat in a busy town or city to rural cottages lacking decent mobile signal coverage. The mobile boosters, often called mobile repeaters, are available in various price ranges. They come with different features to suit all needs.

So, if you are looking to improve mobile coverage a mobile signal booster is a device well worth investing in.

Let’s see how you can use a mobile signal booster to improve mobile coverage anywhere in Australia!

Check Your Signal Strength

To buy the right mobile phone signal booster you want to know the current signal strength you are dealing with. The poorer your coverage the better the signal booster needs to be. So bear this in mind and try working out what your average signal strength is.

Outside signals are typically categorized as being weak, medium, and strong. You’ll want to establish what category your signal is in to make sure you get a signal booster with enough power and coverage to reach it.

While it’s possible to determine this by checking the current bars on your phone signal. This measurement is often inaccurate, so instead, you should check it using a feature called field test mode.

The signal strength is measured in decibels (dB) in field test mode. Weak will feature no measurement because the signal is so poor or will be around -90 to -110dB and lower. So, if your phone measures anything below -110dB then you’ll need a good strength signal booster.

Mobile signal boosters work best when there is a decent outside signal to amplify. You should get a much better signal outside of your home. So check both indoors and outdoors to get a better idea of the device you need. 2-3 bars outside your house is typically enough for a home signal booster to significantly improve the indoor signal.

Knowing Your Mobile Network

This is a straight-forward process as your phone displays the information at the top bar. Check to see whether it is 2G,3G, or 4G network coverage your phone uses, as you need a compatible signal booster.

You also need to know your mobile network provider to ensure you buy a mobile signal booster that also operates on this frequency band. Our mobile signal boosters are compatible with all major Australian Cellular networks anyway, but you should know what they are because they operate their 4G and 3G channels on different frequencies, meaning you need to buy a suitable one.

It may sound complex but you basically need to know whether your phone uses 3G or 4G and what network you are with, which should be obvious.

Choosing Suitable Coverage

The coverage is one of the most things to consider when using a mobile booster as it determines the overall reach of the improved signal. You may benefit from a smaller or larger coverage area depending on your requirements.

For instance, those living in a relatively small home probably don’t need too much in the way of coverage, with between 300 and 500 sqm typically providing enough coverage for most small to medium-sized homes and office spaces.

Those living in larger spaces or looking to install a mobile signal booster inside of a large commercial property should look for a wider coverage area. We have mobile signal boosters with coverages as high as 5,000 SQM, although that’s probably unnecessarily large for most homes.

Coverages are also available in 1,000 SQM, so consider how large an area you need the mobile coverage to improve in. While these may seem like too much initially, they don’t cost much more than smaller coverage devices and offer plenty of additional coverage, which could further improve the signal in many instances.

Calling the Experts

Now, all the above information may seem confusing, so if you are unsure of anything then don’t be afraid to call an expert. Cell Booster Australia sells mobile signal boosters devices and we are more than happy to recommend the best products based on your requirements.

We will be able to talk you through how to work out your current signal and what device will improve it most. It is important to make sure you choose the right mobile signal booster.

Installing the Mobile Signal Booster

Installing the mobile phone signal booster may be the easiest part! Everything you need comes in the kit and you only need a few basic tools.

The external antenna is attached to an outside wall or roof, preferably in a spot where the mobile signal is strongest! This then connects to an amplifier that boosts the signal and sends it to the indoor antenna. The internal antenna should be fitted in a space inside where it will reach much of the house.

Turn it on and let the device automatically set up and you are good to go! Any adjustments are done through the amplifier. It can be used to control different settings and check on the mobile signal booster’s performance.

Enjoy a strong signal with our mobile signal booster and enjoy your mobile communication and high-speed internet data.

Don’t wait any further to improve mobile coverage in your home or office and enjoy your mobile communication uninterrupted.

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