how to choose right indoor antenna for better mobile signal reception

How to Choose Right Indoor Antenna for Better Mobile Signal Reception

A mobile signal booster can provide the best experience and improved signal in your property if it is paired with the right indoor antenna. Hence, choosing the right indoor antenna is crucial for better mobile signal reception. There are three different types of indoor antennas that are used with the mobile signal boosters. These all types of antennas fortunately work with almost all types of mobile signal boosters. But, every type of indoor antenna has a different capacity. These are used for a different type of signal reception. We will discuss all of that in this post later.

It could be confusing for a customer who wants to buy the right mobile signal booster for his use to choose the right indoor antenna for better mobile signal reception. To help you know about these indoor antennas and how to choose the right one for your use we are going to discuss these antennas in detail and also give you some good tips to get the right indoor antenna.

Though all mobile signal booster kits come with indoor antennas, all of them might not be fit for your need. The indoor antennas come in three different forms and designs. These antennas are dome antennas, whip antennas, and panel antennas.

Let’s first understand these three types of indoor antennas.

1. Whip Antennas

The whip antennas are recommended for smaller spaces such as small homes or offices. Installing a whip antenna is very easy, as this antenna attaches directly to the booster providing an omnidirectional signal. A whip antenna is usually capable of delivering a signal gain of up to 2dB – 3dB (on 698 – 900Mhz band) and 5dB – 6dB (on 1700 – 2700 MHz band) signal booster. This type of antenna is not good for larger properties as these antennas are usually attached to the amplifier itself. The large properties require indoor antennas that can broadcast the signals for longer distances.

2. Dome Antennas

The dome antennas as it is evident from the name itself that these are installed in the ceilings. Once installed, the dome antenna broadcasts the boosted signal 360 degrees. These antennas are attached to the booster unit through the coax wires. Dome antennas are also called Omni antennas. There are however two types of dome antennas to choose from; the standard indoor antenna, and the ultra-thin dome antenna.

Omni Antenna

The standard indoor dome antenna is only capable of providing a signal gain of 5dB on the 1700 – 2700Mhz band, and 2dB on the 698 – 960Mhz band. The ultra-thin dome antenna is however more powerful. It is capable of 3.5dB gain on the 698 – 900Mhz band and 7.5dB gain on 1700 – 2700Mhz band. We sell ultra-thin dome antennas with all our mobile signal boosters. This is because we want all our customers to experience the best performance from any signal booster they buy.

3. Panel Antennas

Panel antennas are for the narrow rooms, hallways, living room, or study room where you need boosted mobile signal. The process of installing the panel antenna is relatively easy. You can install this panel antenna on both the walls or the ceilings.

Unlike dome and whip antennas, panel antennas are slightly directional only capable of transmitting the signals to a 45-degree angle. This antenna is capable of providing a signal gain of up to 7dB on the 698 – 900Mhz band and 10dB on the 1700 -2700Mhz band signal boosters.


Now you have seen all types of indoor antennas. But, you should keep in mind that the indoor antenna alone isn’t enough to provide optimal signal reception. It is the combined effort of indoor antennas, outdoor antenna, and the signal boosting kits, and the available signal for these to work. So, you should invest in the best quality mobile signal booster, and a powerful indoor antenna to experience the best result of the mobile signal booster. If you need any further information or help to choose the best indoor antenna and best signal booster do not hesitate to contact our support team immediately. Our team is always there to help you with any questions you may have.

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