building materials that block mobile signals

Building Materials That Block Mobile Signals

Don’t be surprised, you read it right – there are some Building Materials that Block Mobile Signals. While inside a building if you have ever faced mobile signal issues then the building materials used in the building could be a reason for that. It is particularly true when you get a proper signal outside the building and face issues with the signals when you are inside the building. This simply means that something in the building is blocking the signals to reach your phone. But the question is what is it that is blocking the signals.

There are actually several building materials in your home that can cause the blockage of your mobile signals.

A lot of materials like bricks, cement, wood, iron, steel, glass, sand, etc., are used in building a house. A lot of these materials are responsible for blocking your mobile signals. Let’s find out which of these building materials can block the mobile signals and how to get around this issue.

Clear Glass Panes

Usually, people believe that clear glass fixtures such as the window are the best place to get clear mobile signals. Clean and big glass panes are ideal to help reach the natural light inside the building, but these glass panes can reflect the mobile signal away from the house and bounce it around. Especially, if there are double-glazed, and triple-glazed, windows do reflect and bounce off the mobile signals even more.

These glass panes are mostly low emission ones, that are used to keep the buildings warm or cool depending on the season. The loss of the mobile signal can go up to -4dB through these glass panes. Opening the windows with such glass panes can help improve the signal reception.

Insulation and Plasterwood

The insulation used in the buildings for keeping the buildings weatherproof can also result in obstruction of the mobile signals. Similarly, the plaster wood walls or partitions can cause the mobile signal obstruction. It is seen that around -2dB signal loss can be experienced by the insulation and plaster wood.

Foamboards, fiberglass, asbestos sheets, metal sheets, etc., can also cause the signal blockage. Though these are important materials in the buildings and in most cases you can’t get rid of them. So, what is the solution to this? The solution to the building materials blocking mobile signals is to use a mobile phone signal booster. We will discuss that later in this post.

Solid Wood and Plywood

Wood and plywood are used in most of the buildings. The problem with the Solid Wood and Plywood are the materials that can block the mobile signals. Depending on the thickness of the plywood and solid wood the mobile signals can be obstructed. Mostly in the rainy season when the plywood and solid wood are wet the signal loss can be more than when it is dry.


Bricks used in the building walls can also block the mobile signal. Along with the bricks, the mortar used in the bricks can also be responsible for blocking the mobile signals. The thickness of the brick can have an impact on the loss of the mobile signal reaching inside the building. Similarly, the stone walls can also reduce the strength of the signals reaching inside the stone wall.


When looking at building materials that block the signal, metal is going to be the top disrupter. Metal roofs, interior metal, and metal studs will all slow down the signal reaching your home. Metal can be aesthetically pleasing on your building, will be durable against the elements, and will help with the routing of electricity away from the walls, but it will also route your mobile signal away.

Most houses that have a metal roof will have a weak mobile signal inside the house. This can happen even in the areas where the signal is very strong.

Distance from the Mobile Signal Tower

Before every other factor, we consider that is blocking the mobile signals the distance from the mobile signal tower should be considered first. Because the more you are distant from the mobile signal tower your signal reception can be weaker than when you are near the tower.

Every mobile signal tower has a specific capacity and range of area it can cover through its signal. Also, since every tower has a limited capacity, so at a time it can only handle a number of communications and allows connecting a limited number of mobile phones.

For instance, when you are somewhere where thousands of people are trying to access the signal from a mobile tower at a time, you may find that making or receiving a call in such an area is not easy. You can think of thousands of people watching a cricket match in a stadium and trying to live telecast the match through their mobile phone on social media.

In this case, because the mobile signal tower is receiving so many requests at a time then it might not be able to handle so many requests and many users won’t be able to connect to the tower.

What is the Best Solution to Get a Strong Mobile Signal?

In every case, the best solution to get a strong mobile signal is to make use of a mobile phone signal booster. Mobile signal boosters solve your mobile phone signal problems. You can choose a mobile booster based on your requirement.

Like if you only want a booster to improve your voice and 3G signal you can choose 3G signal boosters. If you want to enhance your Voice and 4G signals you can choose from the 4G signal boosters. If you want to enhance all types of signals then you can choose the Universal Signal Booster.

Universal signal boosters are the best choice of most people because they not only enhance every type of signal but also work for all the cellular carriers in Australia. So, if you buy a Universal Signal Booster not only you will be benefitted but also the guests and friends visiting your home can also be benefitted.


Now you understood that building materials can block mobile signals and the best solution is to buy and use a mobile signal booster. Needless to say, that strong mobile signal reception is very important in today’s world. This is one of the many reasons why buying a signal booster is a must in today’s society. Having great coverage and an internet connection is so important. And if you don’t have those then you will mostly remain disconnected with your important contacts.

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