benefits of mobile network booster

Benefits of Mobile Network Booster

No, seriously do you really want to keep struggling with the poor signal strength or the Dead Zones. There are Mobile Network Booster devices available in the market. They help you boost the mobile signal strength that enables you to enjoy a stronger mobile network connection.

No one can deny that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives now. Our fear of missing out on social media, news events, being connected to friends and family, and being left out has made us more attached to our phones than ever before. In spite of such dependency on our phones, we are sometimes left out because of the poor signal and mobile network issues.

In such cases loading videos sometimes takes forever, voices aren’t always comprehensible, and worst of all, we lose connectivity not just to the internet, but the network as well. This is especially common if you are in a densely populated area having huge buildings, foliage, or if you are in a remote rural area. Now let’s talk about the solution that can help you stay connected – the mobile network booster.

The Mobile Network Booster

A mobile network booster is a device used for amplifying weak mobile signals and make them stronger. A mobile network booster ensures a seamless and reliable mobile network connection at all times. Mostly, the reason for the weak signals is the distance from the cellular tower and obstructions between the mobile phone and the mobile tower. In spite of the cellular companies’ best efforts to provide decent signals to every user even in the remotest areas, there are some dead spots and weak signals.

Mobile network booster is the best and probably the only reliable option to get rid of the mobile signal problems. Basically, there are two basic types of mobile network boosters – Analogue and Digital.

Analog Mobile Network Boosters

Analog boosters are WiFi boosters that are used to enhance the signal strength of the broadband that enables the users to make calls using WiFi. These boosters usually are not very reliable when it comes to making it useful for multiple cellular carriers. A gain of about 60 to 70 dB can be expected through this booster.

Digital Mobile Network Boosters

Digital mobile network boosters are also known as smart boosters that are carrier-specific and only work with specific frequencies. For instance, if your mobile service provider offers 4G services on 1800 MHz, then you can buy an 1800 MHz 4G Signal Booster that can boost your 4G signal strength. Again, if you have a problem with both voice calls and slow 4G speed or even no 4G signal then you can choose a dual-band signal booster so that you get both your voice and 4G signals enhanced.

These digital mobile network boosters are capable of enhancing your mobile signal strength up to 32 times, i.e., you can get a 100 dB enhancement on your mobile signal. Another good thing about these digital network boosters is that they come in compact kits. They have three main components – Outdoor antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna. It also has some screws, fasteners, etc., to install it properly.

Installing these boosters is really simple and they are all screw fixes. You can install these in less than 15 minutes without any problem.

Most Useful and Noteworthy Benefits

A few notable advantages of using a mobile network booster are as follows:

  • Better quality of voice calls.
  • Disturbance and distortion-free communication.
  • The longer battery life of your mobile phone.
  • High-speed mobile internet data access.
  • Mobile signal coverage reaches every corner of your property.
  • Weather-proof functioning.
  • Works for over 20 years without any maintenance or repair.


Regardless of where you live and experiencing mobile signal issues, your best bet to get rid of the problem is to use a mobile network booster. Mobile network boosters are affordable and come in a wide variety. It ensures there’s a mobile network booster for every need.

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